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grain-belly-large-shadow Do you want
to feel better?
Stop eating grains and feel better!

It’s not just WHEAT or GLUTEN you should avoid eating – but ALL GRAINS!

There are a lot of reasons that GRAINS ARE BAD FOR OUR HEALTH and cause a lot of people all kinds of problems!

If you want to really improve your situation maybe you need to eliminate ALL GRAINS from your diet! And that includes SUGAR!

If you are not feeling good – try eliminating grains and sugar from your diet for a few days and see if you feel better!

OK…. so it’s pretty clear to a lot of people that the secret to good health is eating the right foods and living a pro health lifestyle.

But what exactly are the right foods? And perhaps more importantly what are the wrong foods?

Well, if you’ve decided that it can be beneficial to your health to go on a “low carb”, “gluten free” or perhaps even a “wheat free diet”, that’s a good thing, but if you ask me, that’s only the start to finding the kind of life changing solutions that will improve the quality of your life and help you feel better.

Maybe it’s grains and sugar that are causing the problems you are facing???

I suggest that the best solution for most people with health challenges is to get rid of ALL GRAINS and eat a healthy low carb, low sugar diet with mostly whole foods and minimally processed foods.

I’ve learned a lot from Doug Kaufmann and strongly believe in the principals of his ground breaking Phase One and Phase Two Diets whose goal is to starve out the fungus and yeast from our bodies.

While those super strict diets are generally intended to help people with serious medical conditions, many of which are believed to be caused by fungus, yeast, mycotoxins and parasites in our systems, the benefits these grain and sugar restricting nutritional programs can provide are much greater than simply eliminating and starving the bad bugs out of our bodies and removing toxins. While a proper elimination diet will do those things for us, what many people find is that all kinds of problems suddenly disappear when grains and sugar are eliminated from the diet.

GRAINS are the main culprit.

Wheat for sure is bad for us.

Sugar for sure is bad for us.

For the most part all grains are bad for us to consume in the amounts that Americans do – it’s just not smart. And if you’re sick and can’t figure out how to get better – start with eliminating all grains.

Why do I suggest that ALL GRAINS should be eliminated from most people’s diets?

That’s because there is mounting evidence to support theories that GRAINS are hurting us.

When people go on elimination diets like the phase one diet and stop eating grains and sugars they often find their health improves and in many cases diseases that were thought of as untreatable or impossible to cure get better or even disappear.

Sure there are lots of other things we can do to improve our health, and I hope to share them with you as well, for example getting rid of parasites, but at the very least, start your health journey by eliminating grains nd sugar from your diet is a good start.

I suggest that people who have major health challenges consider following the Phase One Diet and looking into the possiblility that parasites have become a problem.

I will need to spend a little more time explaining in greater detail the diet and nutritional program I personally suggest for people who have health challenges, but until then, consider the Phase One Diet by Doug Kaufmann and start to eliminate those toxins in your body.

I realize that not all people are the same. It wouldn’t be right to have a cookie cutter one size fits all solution that everybody should adopt. You need to work with a doctor or health care professional to truly create a program that is perfectly matched for your health conditions.

What I hope to do is make a case that certain foods are bad for you. Especially grains and sugar (sugar is a grain by the way!) They should not have a place in our diets for a number of compelling reasons.

Just one reason is that grains are universally contaminated with mold and mycotoxins.

It’s truly alarming how bad the situation really is. This is something I hope to shed light on.

Avoid eating mold and yeast. Peanuts and corn are very often contaminated with mold and fungus. And when the food is PROCEESED you may never even see it! The moldy stuff is often mixed in! So the only real way is to eliminate grains 100%.

Even when grains are not contaminated, in many cases they simply are not healthy to consume because of what they do to our bodies.

What I hope to do with this site is present a lot of compelling information to help people decide for themselves what is best for their own bodies.

With Grain Belly I hope to make a case that can help you decide that sugar and carbs and grains do not belong in your diet. At the very least I hope you will moderate your usage of grains based on the info I share with you.

Ideally you can stop eating grains and remove them completely from your diet – but even if you just make an effort to reduce your consumption of grains and sugar I think you’ll find you feel better and possibly even start to overcome a lot of the symptoms that have been causing discomfort.

Give it a try! Go a few days without eating anything with grains and sugar and see how you feel! You may just hit the jackpot!

Best wishes for your good health and happiness!

Disclaimer: This website and all contents are based on the opinions and research of and our staff unless otherwise noted. The information and articles on this website are not intended as medical advice and are not intended to replace the instructions and advice of a qualified health care professional. Please consult a qualified health care professional before making any changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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