7 Worst Mistakes People Make with Celiac Disease and Gluten: (and stay sick forever)

By | January 1, 2018

*UPDATED with 35 Medical References cited, latest testing information (including checklist to see your doctor with), and bonus report regarding the legal amount of gluten used for Certified Gluten-Free foods…this bonus section is an absolute game changer and critical to anyone who needs to be 100% gluten free* Illness resulting from gluten, whether it’s Celiac / Coeliac Disease or NCGS (Non-Celiac-Gluten-Sensitivity), is one of the most misunderstood topics in medicine right now. People are suffering from so many disorders, autoimmune and otherwise, with hundreds of symptoms overlapping each other, where does the average person even start? Doctors used to sort through data for us… but that was when there were hundreds of diseases, not thousands, and our food supply wasn’t a science fiction nightmare yet. They’re only human too and can’t know everything. This short report – it’s a report you can read in an hour in one sitting, not a full-length book – is meant to help you if you looked at gluten as a problem, but ruled it out (not your fault, it happens often with gluten). The chapter on testing flaws will tell you why your doctor may have diagnosed you negative in error and what tests to go back and ask for. Gluten is unique in the world of food issues because it’s not as clear-cut to test for, as lactose intolerance or peanut allergy, for example. It is also not as easy to maintain a gluten-free diet as it is to maintain a dairy-free diet. Gluten is hidden everywhere and its symptoms are so varied, ranging from the obvious digestive disorders and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) type of symptoms to the not so obvious issues like depression, brain fog, ADHD, and chronic fatigue syndrome. The spin-off to all this chaos is hundreds of illnesses (over 300 of them medically linked by Celiac Disease Research Centers). Grain brain, wheat belly, call it what you want – the bottom line is that gluten is toxic and causing millions of people to be sick, usually in ways that people wouldn’t normally associate to a food issue, like depression. The actual statistic is that people with Celiac Disease suffer for an average of 11-17 years before being diagnosed (and that’s just counting from when symptoms began to appear and they sought out medical help). 11-17 years of unnecessary damage and suffering. Caught earlier, not only is pain avoidable but so might be triggering Celiac / Coeliac in the first place. Do not suffer in silence. Do not let the web throw you off track. Take control of your health, you owe it to yourself. Life’s too short and too precious to suffer from health issues that can easily be avoided. Health Professionals who haven’t done scientific studying on the topic: this is a fantastic place to start, you can read it on your lunch break. Don’t rely on internet flawed articles, your patients are relying on you for better than that. This fast and easy read might change everything for you, whether you are the sufferer or the health professional helping others, and it is accurate no matter what country you live in. It’s a global look on the topic, including studies from several countries. Jaqui Karr is The Coach’s Coach on Gluten-Free and everything in this report is 100% science based with medical references. Karr’s work is described as “Where Science Meets Common Sense”. She’s a Certified Gluten Practitioner, Sports Nutritionist, Educator to Dietitians and Health Professionals, and most famous for one thing: results.

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