Baking with Agave Nectar: Over 100 Recipes Using Nature’s Ultimate Sweetener

By | March 5, 2018

If you haven’t discovered agave nectar, you’re in for a delectable surprise. This natural, low-glycemic sweetener is a revelation for diabetics, parents of young children, and anyone else who wants to cut down on refined sugar but still enjoy deep, real, satisfying sweetness.  Baking with Agave Nectar is bursting with more than 100 recipes for muffins, sweet breads, cookies, cakes, ice creams and sorbets, pies and tarts, sauces and frostings, and other special desserts. With scrumptious gluten-free, vegan, low-fat (or nonfat), and whole foods–based treats, as well as healthier (but still decadent tasting) versions of old favorites, there is truly something here for everyone. An ample glossary and resources section–with ingredients used in whole foods, vegan, and gluten-free baking–will help you make all your desserts a little (or a lot) healthier.  Once you start baking with agave nectar, you’ll find endless possibilities for adding utterly delicious sweet treats to a healthy diet.

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JHill on 03/05/2018 at 23:55.

AMAZING!!!! Worth Every Penny!!! I decided to try and cut down on sugar in my diet and needed a replacement to get me through my addiction with the white stuff. While researching, I came across a product called Agave. So, I ordered some and sure enough, it’s a perfect replacement for sugar. The only problem, I wasn’t sure how to cook or bake with it. So, back to the drawing board.. I did a search on Amazon and found this little gem of a cookbook. I ordered it and a few days later (thanks Amazon Prime) I received this at my…

Anna on 03/06/2018 at 00:05.

Good with some modifications … I have tried a few recipes in this book (with modifications) and have had good results. The recipes are interesting and varied. However, we think that the amount of agave in each recipe is way too much!When we cook at home we are able to control the ingredients in our food. Agave is a concentrated sweetener and these amounts are really high. For instance, for the “Chocolate Tofu Ice Cream” we changed the 3/4 cup of agave to 1/4 cup and added 1/4 teaspoon stevia powder (and also reduced…

Anonymous on 03/06/2018 at 00:24.

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