Belly Sleeper Pillow – Handmade 2 Inch Pillow – thin pillow for Stomach Sleepers | Organic Buckwheat Hull Fill & 100% Cotton Natural Unbleached, with Custom Fit Pillowcase

By | February 11, 2019

Face-down sleepers’ pillow choices have been limited for too long. The stomach sleeper position has often meant making do with a pillow that was just a thin pillow version of the same pillow that back sleepers used. I’ve dealt with that my whole life, so I designed this pillow and my sleep has been more restful and comfortable ever since. And I don’t wake up with neck pain anymore. There are two main spine-related reasons that the face-down position is often discouraged for sleeping. One, the traditional pillow means that your head is raised and so your spine is out of alignment. The low loft of this design makes up for that. Two, in order to not have our faces buried in the pillow, we must turn our heads to the side, putting a lot of pressure on the neck. The unique cut-out design of this pillow means no more cranking your neck to the side. ————————- Taking all this into account, I’ve designed the Hullaby Belly Sleeper Pillow to have two main advantages over other pillows that claim to be for us “freefall” sleepers. First, the unique design: With the cut-out space for your face allows for the head to face much more forward, and not forced to the side. Second, the choice of materials: I’ve incorporated organic buckwheat hull fill for this pillow. Buckwheat hull fill is known for a couple of its most important qualities. It has a unique heat-dissipating structure to keep your head cooler. And, more importantly, pillows made from buckwheat hulls are infinitely adjustable, unlike memory foam or feathers and down that will compress through the night, the firm support of buckwheat hulls are entirely moldable to your needs and preferences. Plus you can feel good about your pillow, handmade of natural materials by small business artisan in Portland, OR.

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