Brownie Brittle Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip, 5 oz, 6Count

By | September 3, 2019

Sheila G’s Indulgent Sandwich Cookies (by Brownie Brittle) are crispy thin handcrafted cookies with a creamy rich fudge center, and non-GMO. This variety pack comes with 1 box each of Salted Caramel flavor and Toasted Coconut flavor cookies for a total of 2 x 6.5oz boxes of cookies. This cookie satisfies your indulgence cookie snacking desires. So, crave away with these luxurious buttery cookies with rich fudge gourmet chocolate decadence. We’ve reinvented the sandwich cookie! It all began when Sheila G Mains lost her corporate job in the early 1990s. She turned her passion for baking into an opportunity by taking a treasured family recipe for fudge brownies and baking her way into a thriving business. You may have tasted one of her rich, dense squares of heaven at some of our nation’s finest restaurants and theme parks. And now she’s reinventing the sandwich cookie. Sheila G is the inventor of BROWNIE BRITTLE – a thin, award-winning treat with a rich brownie taste, an amazing crispy cookie crunch. Now she’s invented Indulgent Sandwich Cookies for your gourmet pleasure. Sheila G is also author of the celebrated cookbook, “butter & chocolate.” Sheila G’s Indulgent Sandwich Cookies by Brownie Brittle are available in Toasted Coconut and Salted Caramel.

Product Features

  • In this 2-pack 6.5-ounce variety package, you’ll get 1 box of Sheila G’s Indulgent Salted Caramel Sandwich Cookies and 1 box of Sheila G’s Indulgent Toasted Coconut Sandwich Cookies created by Brownie Brittle and certified non-GMO.
  • Sheila G’s Indulgent Sandwich Cookies are certified non-GMO, certified kosher and 130 calories/serving. They are already garnering praise from foodies and the food press everywhere. They’re sure to be the next snacking sensation.
  • Created by Sheila G. Mains, author of “butter & chocolate,” and celebrity baker who learned from her grandmother and mother that great ingredients plus a great recipe are the keys to a great baked good.
  • These delicious Indulgent Sandwich Cookies in Salted Caramel and Toasted Coconut flavors are certified kosher and have limited availability and can be extremely hard to find in retail stores, so order online for guaranteed variety and availability.
  • For recipes, check out Brownie Brittle’s website for dessert recipes and even cocktail recipes. Or just enjoy any of our products right out of the package!

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The Best!

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