Candida Cleanse Yeast Infection Cleanse Supplement with Caprylic Acid, Oil of Oregano, Acidophilus, Black Walnut, and Probiotics: Powerful Yet Gentle Formula to Treat Yeast Infections: 60 Capsules

By | July 4, 2017

You have found the most effective Candida Cleanse: PuraVida Candida Clear. Here’s why:

Candida Clear uses a powerful 4-Stage approach to combat Candida Overgrowth: Purge, Cleanse, Restore, and Repair.

1. PURGE – Powerful ingredients work together to eliminate the Candida and yeast infection. Magnesium caprylate, oregano oil, caprylic acid, aloe vera, wormwood and anise seed work together to break down Candida Cell walls and eliminate Candida Cell. Our formula includes Cellulase and Protease which break down the walls of the Candida cell and its nucleus.

2. CLEANSE – After removing unhealthy Candida, natural anti fungals detox your system of harmful bacteria. Diminished bacteria levels can lead to Candida regrowth, which you don’t want! L. Acidophilus increases and helps maintain healthy bacteria levels after the Candida removal stage.

3. RESTORE – Your body needs essential ingredients for proper gut health which may have been depleted by diet, diseases or aging. Our formula includes several probiotic strains to help increase and maintain healthy bacterial levels in your intestinal tract.

4. REPAIR – L Acidophilus helps restore healthy gut bacteria, Reishi Mushroom helps repair your immune system and GI tract, and amino acids help restore healthy gut wall lining.

Do you have problems with candida infections, BV, or yeast overgrowth? PuraVida Candida Clear should be your first choice for an all natural, healthy remedy.

All PuraVida supplements are made in the USA in a GMP certified facility.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: if you’re not happy with Candida Clear for any reason will will refund you.

Add Candida Clear to Cart Now to start your candida cleanse. Consider ordering 2 bottles a long lasting, effective cleanse.

Product Features

  • FEEL BETTER IN NO TIME – GUARANTEED: Potent 4-in-1 Formula. 1: Detoxifies and Purges. 2: Breaks down Candida. 3: Helps eliminate Candida Cells. 4: Restores healthy gut flora
  • POWERFUL YET GENTLE ON YOUR BODY: Candida Clear combines natural herbs in a potent formula for fast relief, while being easy on your body.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: PuraVida Naturals is a brand you can trust! If you don’t like our product, we’ll refund you. Add to Cart to to start your Candida Cleanse now!
  • DID YOU KNOW Candida albicans is a form of yeast present in up to 80 of the population? When kept unchecked, the presence of Candida can go virtually unnoticed. We created Candida Clear specifically to keep your Candida levels in check!
  • RESTORE HEALTHY GUT FLORA: Candida Clear also promotes restoration of healthy gut flora with L. Acidophilus and helps strengthen your immune system without unwanted side effects.

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… help my dog with his yeast infection and looks like it’s properly

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good stuff!

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