CandidaFX – Extra Strength Candida Cleanse – With Herbs & Enzymes To Help Reduce Unpleasant Effects from Die-Off of Yeast – Easy & Effective Nutritional Supplement For Women And Men

By | February 5, 2018

* Dr. Tobias CandidaFX is an effective support for your battle against candida. The product helps you detox and cleanse and may also help improve and maintain proper Candida levels in your body. Candida is a yeast fungus and occurs naturally in your intestines, in small amounts. However, due to the use of antibiotics, consumption of sugar, stress, or other dietary reasons, the amounts of candida can grow excessively and may affect your overall health and well-being. Our CandidaFX is made with herbs and will help you in all stages of your cleansing. Nature’s time-proven ingredients like Oregano Leaf Extract, Wormwood Leaf Powder, Caprylic Acid, Oregano Oil, Protease, and Cellulase make it a very effective yet gentle cleanse.

Product Features

  • EXTRA STRENGTH CANDIDA CLEANSE: For optimal health and energy levels
  • SYSTEMIC APPROACH: Helps Eliminate Candida. Supports Detox & Cleanse.
  • SUPPORTS A HEALTHY INTESTINAL FLORA & IMMUNE SYSTEM. Supports gastrointestinal health
  • QUALITY MADE IN THE USA, ACCORDING To cGMP STANDARDS. 60 capsules. Use with pride and confidence.

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Jacob Alex Holton on 02/05/2018 at 20:00.

Buy it if you are also wanting to change your diet!

Jill on 02/05/2018 at 20:26.

Lifesaving product. At 32 years old after a round of strong antibiotics I became very ill. I became bed bound and a “mystery patient”. Ive had thrush and Yeast since 2 years old since I was in diapers at 2. I struggled my entire life. A year ago I became so I’ll I stopped being able to eat or function. At 32 I was developing dementia symptoms and fainting. Tachachardia. Truly thought I was dying and wanted to. I started researching and found a naturopath that took one look at my tounge and history and told…

beforethebop on 02/05/2018 at 20:32.

Review from FULL paying customer Note: I was NOT given this product at a discount. I purchased it after researching it on Amazon.I noticed many of the other reviews are from people who have been given the product at a promotional rate, so I wanted to provide some feedback from the perspective of someone who bought the product at the regular price. I have really bad allergies. They’ve been especially bad recently and I remember a few years ago I had taken a candida cleanse but didn’t notice any huge difference. This…

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