Celiac Disease Cookbook for the Newly Diagnosed: Guidance and Recipes for an Easy Transition to the Gluten-Free Diet

By | January 22, 2020

Getting to gluten-free―the creative and compassionate guide for new celiacs

When you’re coming to terms with celiac disease, it might feel like you can’t eat all the things you used to. This book aims to help you eat what you want, with as few restrictions as possible. In Celiac for the Newly Diagnosed, you’ll find the tools you need to understand celiac disease and thrive with a gluten-free lifestyle.

First, start by learning about your diagnosis and how it affects your body. Then, let the 7-day meal plan help make your first gluten-free week a success. The 75 delectable recipes―plus tips on how to involve your support network, setup your kitchen, and get started on shopping―are the perfect foundation for feeling great while eating foods you love.

Just a few of the tools included to help you manage celiac disease:

  • Master list of food to avoid―Take the guesswork out of your everyday with the master list of foods to avoid―plus less-common gluten sources such as lickable stamps.
  • Real stories, real talk―Stories and anecdotes from others on their journey to living with celiac disease help let you know that you’re not alone.
  • Five steps to gluten-free―A step-by-step process helps set up your kitchen, involve your support network, and guide you towards tasty, gluten-free eating.

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