Celiac Disease the Hidden Epidemic!: Discover The Amazing Health Benefits of Gluten Free Foods and Avoid Coeliac/Celiac Disease Including Any Gluten Allergy Today!

By | May 17, 2017

Without doubt, we may all like the taste and flavor that gluten add to our diet but it is also well known that it causes far reaching debilitating effects on many that it is not welcome in most homes as it’s brand-named unhealthy! However, the truth is that Gluten is a type of protein found in some certain foods like barley, malts, wheat, triticale and rye. In fact, Gluten is typically used to improve the taste or flavor of foods; besides, it can also act as stabilizers and thickeners for foods. As a matter of fact, it is usually branded as dextrin. Nevertheless, when we talk of a gluten free diet, we are referring to a diet which does not consist of foods containing the gluten protein. In that way, one can actually avoid the reaction to it as a result of allergies! But you need to bear in mind that the only type of therapy which has been clinically proven to help persons with a condition known as celiac or coeliac disease is to consume gluten free diet. This is why we shall be focusing on some gluten free foods with health benefits so that we can enjoy! Well, before I forget, let me say that other medical conditions that also respond to gluten free diet includes dermatitis herpetiformis and wheat allergies. And, it may interest you to know that oats may not qualify as a gluten free diet as a matter of fact medical professionals are yet to be certain that oats do not aggravate any reaction in persons suffering from celiac disease due to cross contagion in handling amenities. Now, the expression “gluten free” is used to display either a total absence, or a microscopic quantity of gluten. Well, where the total elimination is almost impossible …as in several cases, gluten free indicates there is a mild or harmless quantity of the protein since a total lack is doubtful. Yes, as a matter of fact, you need to bear in mind that ingesting less than 10mg of gluten daily is not likely to trigger any allergic reactions especially in persons that are sensitive to gluten. Okay… I will like you to get your copy of this book now …and start availing yourself of all the tips to the best gluten free foods that aids to eliminate any tendencies of getting the disease known as celiac or coeliac as the case may be; while you also avoid any gluten allergy!

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