Dr. Rydland’s Pleasant Tasting Candida Yeast Herbal Formula (2 Ounce Glass Bottle)

By | July 3, 2019

Dr. Rydland’s / KidsWellness Candida Yeast Formula was created by Dr. Rydland to support the body in reducing and eliminating Candida, other yeasts and potentially harmful intestinal bacteria, assisting the body in restoring intestinal balance. Many experts believe that imbalances in these essential intestinal organisms affect nearly every organ and function in the human body. Symptoms related to any imbalance, including many digestive, immune and skin disorders will often improve using the Candida Yeast Formula. Appropriate for both children and adults. We also recommend the concurrent use of probiotics for their additive benefits.

Product Features

  • USAGE: Aids in treatment of Chronic infections, autoimmune conditions, diarrhea or constipation, AD/HD and autism, recurrent urinary infections, vaginal infections and any condition related to imbalance of intestinal organisms.
  • INGREDIENTS: Candida Yeast Formula contains certified organic and/or ethically wild crafted grapefruit seed, garlic root, Oregon grape root, uva ursi leaf, pau d arco bark, black walnut hulls Echinacea root and olive leaves. These herbs have traditionally been used for their effects on yeast and bacteria.
  • SAFE FOR ADULTS AND KIDS: Our Candida Yeast supplement was developed by a pediatrician after 37 years of working with thousands of children and their parents. And with a clean taste, adults and kids can take it without complaint.
  • CLEAN FORMULA: Does not contain any artificial preservatives, sugar or artificial sweeteners, corn, soy, wheat, dairy, citrus, gluten or other common allergens. It is also NON GMO–no genetically modified products. Meets stringent GMP standards.
  • Uses ONLY certified ORGANIC and wild crafted herbs, fully extracted for weeks by an unique process. The mixture is sweetened only with organic palm glycerin.

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Easy to Administer

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Good product!