DU&HL Buckwheat Back Sleeper Pillow – 100% Organic Filling and cotton Plaid Case , blue grid

By | November 19, 2017

Filler name: buckwheat
Pillow fabric: cotton
Pillow height: 5.1-10cm
Pillow shape: rectangle
Pillow: 1.5kg
Color: Green Plaid (a) Blue Plaid (b)
Size: 28*54cm
Flexible: buckwheat hull is diamond-shaped, firm and soft
Ventilation: natural perfect ventilation channels between the shell and the shell completely cool and comfortable
Adaptability: under a variety of sleeping position, automatic memory of your head and neck contour
Durability: buckwheat shell buried underground centuries do not degenerate, often Sun and washing does not deteriorate
Tip: buckwheat hull belongs to food crops, frequently dry when wet weather, for long term use.

Product Features

  • Buckwheat Pillow contours to your head, neck and spine to provide a better sleep whether you are a back or side sleeper
  • Filled with well-chosen organic buckwheat hulls which has been washed and air dried
  • The buckwheat hulls are with softness, high elasticity and strong ventilation
  • Buckwheat is naturally hypoallergenic, making this the perfect down-alternative pillow for those with feather allergies.
  • Cover is made of cotton

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