Eat This, Not That When You’re Expecting: The Doctor-Recommended Plan for Baby and You! Your Complete Guide to the Very Best Foods for Every Stage of Pregnancy

By | May 19, 2016

The authoritative, must-have healthy-eating guide for pregnant women, from America’s most trusted OB/GYN and the mega-selling authors of Eat This, Not That!
Master These Fast and Easy Food Swaps—For Your Happiest, Healthiest Baby!
Tired of worrying about what you should be eating for your baby—and for you? Dr. Jennifer Ashton, chief women’s health correspondent for ABC News, has delivered 1,500 happy, healthy babies, and now she’s here to help yours. Eat This, Not That! When You’re Expecting features trimester-by-trimester meal plans, detailed restaurant-by-restaurant guides, and aisle-by-aisle supermarket swaps—not to mention easy, delicious recipes that satisfy every craving. Now you can order, cook, and enjoy meals with total confidence, thanks to this authoritative, must-have healthy-eating guide, from America’s most trusted OB/GYN with David Zinczenko, co-founder of Eat This, Not That!
You’ll learn:
• The essential nutrients, and where to find them.
• What to order when you’re eating out.
• What to buy, aisle-by-aisle in the supermarket.
• How to cook delicious craving crushers and healthy meals.
• And how to stop worrying, live healthfully, and enjoy the next amazing nine months.
Whatever you’re hungry for, wherever you happen to be, Dr. Ashton delivers the answers:
Which foods are allowed?
Get the scoop on cheese, fish, diet soda, and more—including a complete guide to  brand names.
Which chemicals are harmful?
Find authoritative answers on artificial sweeteners, MSG, and questionable pregnancy foods.
Which brands are best?
Arm yourself with simple and delicious guides to healthy pizza, pasta, sandwiches, even burgers!
How do I handle cravings?
Discover 1,000s of food swaps for every desire—with hundreds of quick, simple, and satisfying recipes.
PLUS! A complete morning sickness survival guide!
Turn to the insightful and authoritative menu plans in Eat This, Not That! When You’re Expecting to help you:
• Give your child a head start with delicious brain-boosting pregnancy foods.
• Reduce your baby’s risk of allergies and asthma.
• Protect yourself and your child from obesity today—and long into the future.
• Make delivery safer, easier and less painful!

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Ann Frey on 05/19/2016 at 13:52.

The Most Useful Pregnancy Eating Information Most of the pregnancy books I have read give you lots of information about what to do, but they aren’t specific enough, like telling you to eat whole grains, but not which exact loaf of bread to buy or avoid fish that are high in mercury, but not telling you that there are fish you can eat. They also aren’t always realistic, because I guess they think you can follow their advice perfectly since it’s only for nine months. This book is different. Dr. Ashton tells you exactly what brands and…