Eat to Beat Disease: The New Science of How Your Body Can Heal Itself

By | June 2, 2019


Is your diet feeding or defeating disease?

Forget everything you think you know about your body and food, and discover the new science of how the body heals itself. Learn how to identify the strategies and the dosages for using food to transform your resilience and health in EAT TO BEAT DISEASE.

We have radically underestimated our body’s power to transform and restore our health. Pioneering physician scientist, Dr. William Li, empowers readers by showing them the evidence behind over 200 health-boosting foods that can starve cancer, reduce your risk of dementia, and beat dozens of avoidable diseases. EAT TO BEAT DISEASE isn’t about what foods to avoid, but rather is a life-changing guide to the hundreds of healing foods to add to your meals that support the body’s defense systems, including:

  • Plums
  • Cinnamon
  • Jasmine tea
  • Red wine and beer
  • Black Beans
  • San Marzano tomatoes
  • Olive oil
  • Pacific oysters
  • Cheeses like Jarlsberg, Camembert and cheddar
  • Sourdough bread

The book’s plan shows you how to integrate the foods you already love into any diet or health plan to activate your body’s health defense systems-Angiogenesis, Regeneration, Microbiome, DNA Protection, and Immunity-to fight cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, and autoimmune diseases, and other debilitating conditions.

Both informative and practical, EAT TO BEAT DISEASE explains the science of healing and prevention, the strategies for using food to actively transform health, and points the science of well-being and disease prevention in an exhilarating new direction.

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Anonymous on 06/02/2019 at 14:00.

Excellent Reference and Great Daily Guide! To be honest, when I first got this book I was both overwhelmed and a bit disappointed. My first reaction was “there is too much to read, I just want a book that quickly states what I should eat for what I want to heal.” I put the book away for a couple days–but then I started looking through it and actually reading it! My attitude immediately changed. While this book has a lot of pages and looks more scholarly than I was hoping for–the author has written it in a way that is easily…

Anonymous on 06/02/2019 at 14:07.

A Different Approach to Healthy Diet There are a large number of diet books around, espousing a variety of “healthy” lifestyles, and often these are unsustainable over the long term either for financial or health reasons. Many look at such factors as calories, fat, carbohydrates and more without really considering the foods themselves beyond that. This book isn’t a diet book, per se; instead, it looks at the individual foods and explains how the body uses them to heal and regenerate itself.To cut to the chase on one…