Eating Gluten-Free with Emily: A Story for Children with Celiac Disease

By | February 14, 2015

For children, a diagnosis of celiac disease and an abrupt change to a gluten-free diet can bring about an overwhelming number of questions and concerns. What is gluten? Why can’t I eat cake, cookies, and chicken nuggets like everyone else? What do I tell my friends? Answers to these and many other questions are provided in this book. Written by the mother of a child with celiac disease, who also has the disease herself, this book offers a reassuring look at celiac disease in language that a child can easily understand. This fictional story is based on the real-life experiences many newly diagnosed children face. Five-year-old Emily and her parents wonder why she’s not feeling well. Her belly is swollen, and she feels moody and sick. A trip to the doctor raises some concerns and further tests show that Emily has celiac disease. Emily talks about what food she can and cannot eat, how her Mom buys special gluten-free food, and the need to stay on a gluten-free diet at restaurants, birthday parties, friends’ houses, school, and camp. With its light-hearted, colorful illustrations, the book helps children to see that having celiac disease is not so scary after all. Emily acknowledges that having celiac disease is sometimes tough, but talking about her feelings with her mom always makes her feel better. She knows that celiac disease is only part of who she is — she also likes to jump rope, paint, tell jokes, and pick flowers! This book’s positive message will be a huge boost to children with celiac disease, especially those who have been recently diagnosed. Ages 3-7

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Jackie Igafo Teo on 02/14/2015 at 16:10.

Great Book for Children Eating Gluten-Free with Emily is a children’s book that not only explains a gluten-free diet, but also details Emily’s digestive symptoms and the route from doctor to blood draw to scope to get the diagnosis. The illustrations are colorful and cute. The story, which is told from Emily’s perspective, explains celiac disease in a way that children understand, and gives examples of what foods contain gluten and which ones do not. Emily also explains how she deals with real-life situations, like…

Wayward "waywardwind" on 02/14/2015 at 16:41.

Not just for Celiac’s! I think this is a WONDERFUL book, appropriate for any child with food issues. My kids do not have gluten sensitivity/Celiac’s disease, but they do have food intolerances.This is the first book I’ve found that is perfect for both of their levels (4 and 8) and embraces that a way of eating is just one of many, many things that make you special. It shows Emily feeling sad because she’s left out, or “different” and it shows her triumphing “Eating gluten free is healthy for me!”…