Glutino Gluten Free Instant Pancake Mix, 6.67 Ounce

By | January 24, 2015

Pancakes like they’ve never been before. New from glutino gluten free pantry – an instant pancake mix. Just add water, shake bottle, and enjoy 10-12 delicious gluten free pancakes.

Product Features

  • Gluten free
  • Just add water to the bottle, shake and pour
  • Makes 10-12 pancakes
  • Resealable bottle
  • Refrigerate prepared batter for up to 4 days

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SA on 01/24/2015 at 03:48.

Not so Great Glutino Pancake Mix Although living GF we are always looking for packaged foods that are easy the way it used to be before we had to go GF, I do not recommend this pancake mix. Sure, it is super easy (just add water and shake) but the end results are just not good. The pancakes did not rise at all and even worse they tasted vaguely stale and pasty. I was looking for something to have on hand just for a quick Sunday breakfast but in the end I would have been better off just making from scratch. Seriously, it…

tdn on 01/24/2015 at 04:01.

Total wast of money. 0