Goodie Girl Cookies, Chocolate Creme, Birthday Cake and Magical Animal Cracker Variety Pack, Gluten Free Cookies Peanut Free Kosher Delicious Snack Cookies (Pack of 3)

By | July 20, 2019

Goodie Girl Cookies, or sometimes referred to as good girl cookies are 100% delicious gluten free cookies. Our cookies are not only a great option as gluten free food but they are also NON GMO cookies with no artificial flavors. Our cookies are a great option for any individuals that suffer from celiac disease. You can enjoy our gluten free cookies at all times of the day. With each order of our Goodie Girl Cookies you will receive 3 box’s of cookies and each box of cookies includes around 24 delicious crunch gluten free cookies that taste better than normal cookies. We spent a tremendous amount of time perfecting our gluten free Mint Slims cookie recipe so it tastes as good as a normal cookie and has a nice thin wafer crisp covered in chocolate. We also made sure all types of individuals can enjoy our gluten free food by also making our gluten free snacks nut free cookies and kosher cookies and are allergy friendly snacks. So if you have peanut allergies you can also enjoy our cookies (Produced in a peanut free facility that uses tree nuts). Our box of cookies is the best value you can buy for our cookies. You can put a cookies in a plastic bag and give them to your kids making them a great snack for lunchtime. Our goodie girl gluten free cookies are great for everyone and are especially delicious after a meal and can be enjoyed as a gluten free desert. Even though our cookies are gluten free you would never know it. Our Mint Slim cookies and are thin mint flavored cookie low in sugar content making them a great diabetic snack if you need to watch your sugar intake. Mint Slims! A gluten-free mint flavored cookie with a delicious chocolaty coating. Goodie Girl Cookies are gluten free, peanut free and not made with any artificial ingredients. A healthy, delicious and safe cookie for the home or classroom!

Product Features

  • NEW CUSTOMER FAVORITE VARIETY PACK – Contains 1 box of Birthday Cake, Chocolate Creme and Magical Animal Crackers – Each box of cookies has approximately 24 cookies per box
  • COOL SNACK FACT – You asked and we delivered! Exclusively available at Amazon our new Variety Pack.
  • BIRTHDAY CAKE, CHOCOLATE CREME and MAGICAL ANIMAL CRACKERS – Our NEW 3 most popular flavors available now as a variety pack. You will never believe these cookies are gluten free!
  • ALLERGY INFORMATION – Our delicious cookies are, Gluten Free, Peanut Free and Kosher Certified. Produced in a facility that uses tree nuts.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING – Goodie Girl Cookies’ products do not contain any artificial flavors or ingredients

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Anonymous on 07/20/2019 at 12:53.

WARNING…these contain oat flour and it’s not listed as an ingredient on the box!!!! I bought 3 boxes of these 8/6/18 and carefully checked the box for oats. My daughter has Celiac and also cross reacts to oats (even GF oats), so we are careful to avoid them. Well, now I see on their website that the nutrition information includes oat flour, and it’s very curious that these have not been available due to being “sold out”. I emailed the company so I could confirm and of course nobody has gotten back to me. How was this not grounds for a formal recall? I will never give this…

Anonymous on 07/20/2019 at 12:55.

Yummy!! I ordered the Toffee Crunch cookies. So I have celiac and gluten free, not by choice. I also have the double whammy of having had my sense of smell and taste warped badly from two really bad viral infections that my doctor said were a result of having celiac. I cannot eat chocolate, mint, fruits, veggies, fruity candies, or even drink coffee anymore because they all taste and smell terrible. My food world shrank by 90% :(I did not know these cookies had chocolate chips in them until…