Happy Baby Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal with DHA & Choline, Multi-Grain, 7-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6)

By | December 2, 2015

Say hi to a happier belly. The perfect choice for Baby’s first solid food, Happy Baby Organic Probiotic Cereal is optimized with probiotics, to support digestive health, and fortified with DHA and Choline, to support brain and eye health

Product Features

  • Formerly “Happy Bellies Multi-Grain”
  • 80% Daily Value of Iron
  • 20% Daily Value of Calcium
  • DHA & Choline to supprot brain and eye health
  • Iron for brain development
  • Pack of six, 7-ounce containers
  • Organic multi-grain cereal
  • Enriched with DHA for brain and eye development, plus iron, vitamins, and minerals essential for the babies growth
  • It has probiotic protection to help strengthen your babies digestive system
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

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NewMama on 12/02/2015 at 13:40.

Reassuring Response from HB about the Oatmeal I am a new mom, and have heard amazing things about HappyBaby’s Oatmeal. So, when I got on Amazon to purchase some I was surprised/concerned to see some of the negative reviews about off-coloring and bad smells. I wrote to the company to inquire about the issues people were mentioning, and I got a very good response, almost immediately, from the company. The Director of QA said that the problem was limited to one batch of oatmeal only and is no longer a problem. I thought other parents shopping…

Addicted Shopper on 12/02/2015 at 13:48.

Best cereal I have found to balance out my babies digestive tract Parents, before buying this stuff, do quick Google search for The Cornucopia Institute’s report entitled “Replacing Mother – Imitating Human Breast Milk in the Laboratory” or follow this link: […]This Happy Bellies rice cereal contains Martek Corporation’s laboratory-produced oils containing DHA and ARA. As we all know by now, DHA and ARA are considered important nutrients for rapidly developing infants. But laboratory-produced DHASCO and ARASCO (Martek’s names for their…

Anonymous on 12/02/2015 at 14:11.

Anonymous on 12/02/2015 at 14:25.