Alternative Dental Care

By | August 31, 2017

Let’s take a look at the differences in approach between the traditional dentist or physician and the holistic practitioner. You decide what makes better sense.

For example, let’s say you suffer from acne and boils. The traditional physician is likely to prescribe an antibiotic, lance boils and advise you on dietary changes that will help prevent future outbreaks. On the other hand, the holistic healer views the acne and boils as a symptom of an underlying cause, specifically an excess of toxins in the bloodstream. Thus, the holistic physician may prescribe herbal blood cleansers to flush those toxins from your system. Instead of lancing boils, the holistic healer may apply a poultice of herbs which draw out the infection. Both the traditional and holistic healer generally agree on dietary changes. Or if you have gum disease: the traditional dentise will offer surgery, whereas the alternative dental care practicianer may offer various herbs to allow your body to heal the problem.

In summary, the major difference between these two types of health care practitioners or dentists is that the M.D. or dentistry professional treats the symptoms, while the holistic professional looks for the root cause of the symptom.

The holistic strategy usually does not effect a cure as quickly as modern pharmaceuticals. On the other hand, the holistic remedies are usually more thorough.

Of course, there are obvious exceptions. If you break your arm in a fall, the traditional route – with a cast – is your best bet.

If you suffer from a heart condition or other serious disease, a naturopathic physician (N.D.) can advise you on the use of pharmaceuticals and plant medicines and how you might be able to transition safely to herbals or possibly combine therapies.

So you decide. The holistic healer’s dental or health treatments are certainly worth a look.

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