Beat Depression to Stay Healthier and Live Longer: A Guide for Older Adults and Their Families

By | October 21, 2018

Clinical depression is a serious medical illness that not only can turn a happy retirement into a time of misery, but also leads to a wide range of health problems. Depression increases the rate of disease such as stroke, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease and worsens the course of others such as diabetes, chronic lung disease, and cancer. It also contributes to avoidable disability and premature death.

Beat Depression to Stay Healthier and Live Longer alerts readers to this untold story. It challenges beliefs that depression is normal in old age because old age is depressing, instead helping readers see that depression is a serious brain disease, often related to changes in the brain associated with the aging process. Gary S. Moak clearly and compassionately explains depression as a physically destructive state, in which a brain on overdrive runs the body ragged, accelerating age-related wear and tear. Depression is not a harmless condition older adults can live with, and Dr. Moak addresses the impact of depression on specific geriatric health problems. Case stories, taken from the author’s experience practicing geriatric psychiatry for thirty years, are used to illustrate the physically and mentally harmful effects of depression and the road to recovering well.

The book is a call to action. It encourages readers to seek treatment for depression, offering hope that older adults can get their lives back before it is too late. It provides practical guidance and advice for patients and family members about working with healthcare professionals to ensure that sufferers receive effective treatment for their depression and appropriate medical care for their physical needs. By shedding light on the impact of depression on physical health, Dr. Moak spotlights the importance of recognizing the signs and symptoms of depression and brings much needed attention to a subject that is so often overlooked.

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Do you want to be one of those who live longer and in comfort?


Anonymous on 10/21/2018 at 06:48.

A Doctor Who Is There For You! Dr. Moak’s book is fantastic. This is an easily understood guide for all! Everyone is going to go through aging; parents, family, friends or even yourself. Dr. Moak’s words are kind, compassionate and you feel as though he is listening and talking to you. It is a book that you can pick up and read just one chapter at a time. When my mother passed away…my father said to me, “I do not want to become depressed.” I wish I had the book back then to help me help him. I think the…

Anonymous on 10/21/2018 at 06:55.

An absolute must read for anyone with aging parents. Heck, anyone who themselves is aging….. An absolute must read for anyone with aging parents. Heck, anyone who themselves is aging, needs to be educated and there’s a whole generation of us baby boomers moving up that generational ladder. Dr. Moak has skillfully and compassionately shared stories and years of intense clinical practice to produce a book that is readable, interesting and informative. Especially eye opening for me was learning about the unseen dangers of depression. Especially helpful was was his chapter on getting the…

Anonymous on 10/21/2018 at 07:08.

A timely book for the sandwich generation A comprehensive book by a highly qualified, experienced geriatric psychiatrist. This book was easy to read and I selected chapters that pertained to me and my family situation. I wish Dr Moak could make it cross country and assist with my own aging parents – both patient and caregiver. This book is well worth the investment for all involved in the family dynamic of aging, caregiving and depression. I hope to see other doctors recommending this book for their patients and those who care for them…

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