Core Strength Training

By | February 5, 2018

A practical, no-nonsense approach to building core strength, Core Strength Training will help beginners and fitness fanatics improve mobility, correct poor posture, relieve pain, and add to overall fitness. Core Strength Training features more than 150 core exercises accompanied by step-by-step instructions and art, as well as hints and tips for perfecting technique and avoiding injury and illustrations illuminating various muscle groups.

Product Features

  • Core Strength Training The Complete Step By Step Guide to a Stronger Body and Better Posture for Men and Women

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D. Mitchelle on 02/05/2018 at 15:18.

great resource ! This is an excellent book on understanding the importance of core development. It begins by explaining what the core area actually is and how it is the “powerhouse” from which all other body systems flow. I weight train three times a week. I hired a personal trainer for a few months and he was a taskmaster for core development. After reading this book I now get what and why he was trying to accomplish. This book provides many “how to” exercises as well as a good way to…

gt surber on 02/05/2018 at 15:38.

Excellent guide for core strength training Review – Core Strength Training from DKCore Strength Training is one of a small series of books from Dorling Kindersley Limited, a Britishcompany. The book is very well done, artfully laid out, well formated, good diagrams of the exercises and relevant information. The information moves from very basic to quite advanced. Obviously much thought and preparation went into creating this book.The book is actually aimed at beginners in the fitness world, but much of…

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