Daily Food Diary Secrets

By | November 20, 2014

Your daily food diary is a discovery in progress

Do you feel at the peak of health? If not, why not? We all have some health problems in life, ranging from simple frustrations to life-threatening conditions. When you’re young, you may not make a connection between the food you eat and how you feel. As age progresses, you’re more likely to question how the foods you eat may impact your overall health. When you were twenty, a load of french fries didn’t seem to make a whit of difference in the way you felt. Now, at fifty, those french fries may hit your stomach with a big plop of indigestion.

Still, the young are no exception to food discomfort. Perhaps you’re lactose intolerant or allergic to nuts. When you’re young, you’re better able to weather poor food choices and may be entirely unaware of allergies that will come back to haunt you in your later years. A daily food diary can save you many a heartache and a dozen visits to the doctor.

Even if you’re not plagued with adverse health conditions, keeping a food diary can expose dietary weaknesses. Let’s say that you love peanut butter sandwiches, but every time you indulge in peanut butter, your stomach becomes upset. Perhaps your body is telling you, “I need protein.” However, the peanuts have their way. Your body gets the protein it requires but your stomach and digestive system rebels.

Whether you’re young or old, your food diary gives you the means to monitor what you eat, while comparing the effects of your food menus versus how you feel after eating a meal.

Your daily food diary should form a journal. Make a column for the date and time, the food item and amount, with a column for notes. Snacks count. So often, we eat without thinking. The pounds come on and we wonder why. Here’s how to keep a daily food diary that’s useful.

When you’re honest with yourself, the daily food diary itemizes every little thing. What about foods you crave? Keeping a daily food diary allows you to eat as you normally do, while, day by day, revealing those foods you eat too much or too little. Keep a keen eye on calories and nutrition. Both good and poor eating patterns will soon show up in black and white.

Keeping a daily food diary can help you zero in on allergies, fat weaknesses or simple cravings that affect your health today and tonorrow. The daily food diary may well expose just where you’re going wrong. If you’ve been feeling poorly but don’t know why, take your diary with you to your next doctor’s appointment. It’s likely your doctor will pick up some clues.

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