Delavier’s Core Training Anatomy

By | February 12, 2016

Delavier’s Core Training Anatomy is your guide for increasing core strength, stability, flexibility, and tone.

Whether you’re just beginning your routine or looking to enhance an existing conditioning program, Delavier’s Core Training Anatomy presents the most effective exercises and workouts for the results you want. It’s all here, and all in the stunning detail that only Frédéric Delavier can provide.

With 460 full-color photos and illustrations, you’ll go inside over 100 exercises and 60 programs to see how muscles interact with surrounding joints and skeletal structures. You’ll learn how variations, progressions, and sequencing can affect muscle recruitment, the underlying structures, and ultimately the results.

Delavier’s Core Training Anatomy includes proven programming for sculpting your abs, reducing fat, improving cardiovascular health, and relieving low back discomfort. Targeted routines are presented for optimal training and performance in more than 20 sports, including running, cycling, basketball, soccer, and golf.

The former editor in chief of PowerMag in France, author and illustrator Frédéric Delavier is a journalist for Le Monde du Muscle and a contributor to Men’s Health Germany and several other strength publications. His previous publications, Strength Training Anatomy and Women’s Strength Training Anatomy, have sold more than 2 million copies.

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Amazon Customer on 02/12/2016 at 21:53.

Human Kenetics has done it again! A top-notch guide. I had planned to submit a review of Delavier’s Core Training Anatomy earlier, but upon its arrival my husband picked it up and has been reluctant to part with it. It fired his enthusiasm for getting back into shape because of its clear, simple text and precisely rendered illustrations and effective photographs. I have never seen him respond to exercise materials as he has to this book. The publisher, Human Kinetics, always produces quality books, but this particular book can fire you up to want…

Susanna Hutcheson on 02/12/2016 at 22:23.

Discover the value of a strong core The core is a critical part of the body. Fact is, a strong core can help you function just about better than anything else. But what exactly is the core? What does it consist of? Surely it’s more than the so-called abs. Well, it is. And in this fantastic book you’ll find out all about it. Moreover, you’ll discover how to correctly exercise your core. There are over 100 exercises and 60 programs for a strong core.Being able to see the muscles worked is so incredibly helpful…

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