Dumbbell And Core(Abs) Training Combined: For Men And Women

By | November 13, 2017

Exercising in your home has many benefits. You can wear what you want, sweat all you want, and listen to your favourite music. Welcome to Dumbbell And Core (Abs) Training Combined. Training that can be done in the comforts of your home. This book will feature 3 sections.
Section 1 will feature all the chapters from Dumbbell Training: For Men And Women.
Section 2 will feature all the chapters from The Ultimate Guide For Core(Abs) Training: No More Low Back Pain.
Section 3 will feature all of these following chapters:
* Introduction
* Setting Your Goals
* 8 Week Training Program For Men (cardio, core, dumbbell training combined)
* 8 Week Training Program For Women (cardio, core, dumbbell training combined)
* 68 exercise descriptions with pictures (34 from dumbbell section and 34 from core section)
* Conclusion
You can purchase each book separately or buy it together. The benefits of this book is that you get the ultimate workout by combining your core, dumbbell, and cardiovascular training together. Sweat and pump your way to a new physique! Purchase your copy today!

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