Dumbbell Workout Handbook: Strength and Power: 100 Best Workouts for Building Muscle and Maximizing Gains

By | September 10, 2019


Perfect anyone looking to develop explosive power and build strength, dumbbells remain the most common—and most effective—tool to reach your fitness goals.

The Dumbbell Workout Handbook: Strength & Power combines an all-new collection of dumbbell workouts to create a complete fitness program focused on using dumbbells to pack on muscle, build power and burn fat while improving total body conditioning. With workout circuits perfect for every fitness level, from beginner to advanced, The Dumbbell Workout Handbook: Strength & Power is the final word on building muscle with dumbbells.

The Dumbbell Workout Handbook: Strength & Power features:
• Over 100 dumbbell workouts designed to fit any program
• Progression-focused programming for guaranteed results
• Workouts to increase size and maximize power
• Nutritional and recovery tips
• Intense power super sets for extra challenge
• Programs for endurance athletes utilizing dumbbells

Whether you’re looking to supercharge your workouts, improve on your personal bests, or overcome your personal fitness plateau and achieve never before seen results, The Dumbbell Workout Handbook: Strength & Power shows you how!

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