Eat Curry Get Lean: 30 Indian Vegetarian Recipes Made Healthy

By | March 23, 2019

“Indian food is not fitness friendly”
“Vegetarians can’t get enough protein”
“You can’t eat Rice and Dal and get abs”

You’ve probably heard these statements, and variations of them time and time again.
In September 2016, I set out on a mission to prove that you can get the physique you want, eating an Indian Vegetarian diet.
(In 7 months, I lost 14kg (84kg to 70kg), 16% body fat, and could finally see my abs!)
In this book, I share with you:
1.Tasty traditional recipes that get you REAL results
2.High protein recipes (Dals, Beans, Paneer & Eggs)
3.Macros for all recipes (Calories, Protein, Carbs & Fat)

    If you’re an Indian Vegetarian who wants to get in shape WITHOUT missing out on tasty Indian food, this book is for you!

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Live better! Grain Belly

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