Exercise Bands – Premium Set of 6 Fitness Resistance Loop Bands 12″x 2″ plus E-book Workout Manual

By | August 8, 2016

Buy this 6 Levels Premium Resistance Loop Bands Set from Koyto Sports today!

Benefits of using resistance bands:

– You don’t need expensive gym equipment or membership. Resistance bands allow performing complete workout without much space needed

– Portable and lightweight – you can carry them everywhere; use them at home, gym or outside

– Great travel companion – you don’t need to give up working out while traveling

– You can perform variety of exercises with resistance bands – Pilates, crossfit or Brazilian butt. They help to focus on different muscles groups

– Used in physical therapy – to recover and strengthen muscles

Why you should choose Premium Resistance Loop Bands by Koyto Sports:

– We offer complete 6 levels set – from Light to XXX-Heavy – color coded

– Our bands are 12″ long – this extended size allows more options during workout

– Perfect for everyone – from beginner to advanced. Start with lower resistance and switch to higher while you progress. Use more than one band to achieve desired resistance

– Made of durable and eco-friendly latex – quality is very important to us. Our bands won’t tear off after few workouts

– We offer Lifetime Guarantee – customers’ satisfaction is crucial for us, if for any reason there is a problem with your loop bands set we will refund your purchase or offer you a new set

Bonus Gifts from Koyto Sports:

– Resistance Loop Bands Manual – contains detailed description and illustrations of the lower and upper body exercises performed with loop bands

– Workout Meals e-book – covers information on when and what to eat before and after workout; simple and delicious recipes are included

Choose Koyto Sports Resistance Loop Bands Set and enjoy your workout!

Product Features

  • BUY 2 OF KOYTO SPORTS PRODUCTS AND GET 10% DISCOUNT ON BOTH, PROMO CODE 55D6HQ5W – PREMIUM 6 LEVELS RESISTANCE BAND SET – Complete set of workout stretch bands for men and women for all fitness stages. Either you are a beginner or advanced this set of elastic bands is for you. You can start with lower level band and add more resistance as you advance in your training. You can use a single band or combine more to achieve desired resistance.
  • EXTENDED 12″ x 2″ SIZE – the bigger size of strength bands offers more options during your workout. Our Resistance Bands can be used for a variety of trainings, even the most intense: yoga, pilates, core, lower and upper body strength training, px90, insanity, brazilian butt and crossfit
  • VERSATILE USE – these elastic bands can be used in physical therapy during recovery process after injuries as a part of rehabilitation. These tension bands can also be used in toning different muscle groups: shoulders, arms, biceps, triceps, back, chest, abs, calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes.
  • BONUS EXERCISE WORKBOOK E-BOOK AND BONUS WORKOUT MEALS E-BOOK – all of our customers will receive free manual with detailed description and illustrations of the exercises which can be performed with resistance loop bands. We also add Workout Meals Ebook where you can find information on what, why and when to eat before and after your workout with some easy and delicious receipes included.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – we believe in best quality and customers’ satisfaction. If you are not fully satisfied with our set we guarantee full refund and you don’t need to return your set.


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Aundrea on 08/08/2016 at 17:47.

Great band variety! I can get a decent workout on the days I don’t go to the gym. I appreciate these for quick, on the go workouts. I like to take these and a jump rope to the park and get a small workout while the kids play. I did a quick video review. Excuse the messy hair, I just got back from working out. Here are a few points about this set:- Small & Easy to carry: I can just leave this in my stroller with a jump rope and am good to go. A bag to carry them in would be nice, but they will fit in one of promotional makeup…

Sneaky Burrito on 08/08/2016 at 18:12.

good quality bands; you have to register on their site to receive the ebooks This is a set of six color-coded bands at varying resistance levels. They are loop bands so essentially they are very large rubber bands. I like this style because there are some exercises I did in the past where I took a flat band and tied it into a circle. This damaged the band (and sometimes made it to where I couldn’t untie it), so I am pleased to find these that you don’t have to tie.All of the bands were sturdy and without flaws. Mine were not stuck together (but if you…

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