Fit Healthy Happy Kids

By | May 5, 2019

The world our kids are growing up in is very different to the world we grew up in. The gap is so much wider than between us and our parents. We grew up with nothing, so our parents worked hard to give us everything. Our own generation’s motto of “we deserve everything” has turned its greedy eyes to our kids, and they stand no chance. Right now, they are fending for themselves, in a world that sees only one outcome for them… victims of greed. Unless us parents do something about it. We now need to work hard to protect our kids from ourselves… Authors Sharny and Julius combine their years of expertise coaching junior sport as well as the compassion that comes with having their own 5 children, to bring a book that the world needs right now. This book will help any parent wanting a no bull blueprint for creating perfectly balanced, fit, healthy, happy kids.

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