Healthy Ageing and Aged Care

By | July 10, 2017

Healthy Ageing and Aged Care takes an inter-disciplinary approach to supporting older people within the community and in care. The text takes a holistic view of the older person, and emphasises the positive aspects of the ageing process, maintaining that people age in healthy ways and continue to be an integral part of their families and communities.

Based on the principles of the social determinants of health, the book is organised in three sections: The Context of Ageing, Social Aspects of Ageing, and Clinical Aspects of Ageing. The text is noteworthy in its inclusion of previously neglected topics, such as the growing numbers of homeless older people, the growing prison population, and the fact that older people are remaining in the workforce longer or re-entering the workforce later in life.
Lccompanying videos and audio recordings give life to case studies in the text. They enhance the learning experience for the student audience by providing an opportunity to see the complexities and idiosyncrasies of situations relevant to older people and their carers.

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