Healthy Habits Vol 3: 119 Everyday Habits You WISH You KNEW to Lose Weight, Live Healthy, Feel Energized, Live Longer & Sleep Well!

By | August 3, 2016

Discover 119 DAILY Habits You WISH YOU KNEW to Lose Weight, Live Healthy, Feel Energized & Live Longer!

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From the Best Selling weight loss series, Healthy Habits, comes 119 Everyday Habits You WISH You KNEW to Lose Weight, Live Healthy, Feel Energized, Live Longer & Sleep Well! This book will jump-start your weight loss, increase your energy level, clear your mind, and improve your overall health!

Please note: This book is an extension to Linda’s previously written, chart-topping and best-selling books, Healthy Habits Vol 1: 13 Morning Habits and Healthy Habits Vol 2: 17 EXTRA Morning Habits. It is highly recommended that you read this book TOGETHER with those books (which you can find by searching for it in the Amazon search bar).

Our lives are full of regular habits that we live by every day, and these habits determine who we are, as a result.

This book provides you with 119 separate everyday habits that will completely change your life for the better. Along with discovering what these habits are, you will also learn why they are beneficial to add into your life, followed by a step-by-step Action Plan that shows you EXACTLY how you can implement them in your life immediately!

Are you ready to look and feel slimmer, healthier, and sexier than you have in years? Then check out these everyday habits that you are MISSING OUT on!

If you successfully implement these daily habits, you will…

* Start losing weight without working out
* Begin burning all that stubborn fat, especially belly fat, thigh fat and arm fat
* Say goodbye to inches off your waist and other hard-to-lose areas
* Learn how you can live a healthier lifestyle without trying
* WANT to eat healthy foods so that dieting will never be hard again
* NEVER feel tired or exhausted in your day – EVER AGAIN!

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The population is getting older! Do you want to be one of those living longer and in comfort? Take good care of yourself!


Brianna on 08/03/2016 at 00:49.

Very Helpful! Weight Loss For Women is a great guide to getting started with losing weight in typical problem areas for women. The book is divided into sections depending on what part of your body you want to focus on, and includes a variety of tips and exercise instructions to help lose weight in the areas women usually carry it. I especially have trouble around my belly, so I thought the information was really helpful. Having tips to work off of means that I have a much easier time making an accurate and…

Blackbird II on 08/03/2016 at 00:50.

Great Tips!! I really loved the tips given in this book, especially the ones that tell you to eat avocados and peanut butter?! I live avocados so much, and every time my mother saw me eating avocados, she had a go at me telling me it will make me fat, which is not true!! In fact, many people think that avocados will make you fat, and there is an urgent need to raise awareness about the fact that Avocados can make you lose weight. Another thing which I wasn’t aware of is peanut butter! I always thought that…

Martha Martha on 08/03/2016 at 01:00.

Useful tips

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