Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen

By | September 9, 2018

Over 220 amazing vegan recipes from the the author behind the blog

More and more people are going vegan, realizing that doing so can mean being healthier and happier. A diet free of animal products also means living a greener life and changing the world for the better—one plate at a time. Kathy Patalsky, creator of the popular vegan food blog Healthy.Happy.Life, read by millions, makes sure eating vegan is fun and delicious too. In Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen, it’s hard to believe that some of the flavor-packed recipes, like the Vegan Philly Cheese Sandwich and Ultra Creamy Cashew Veggie Pot Pie, are actually vegan. Along with the inventive recipes, the book also includes guides to help “veganize” your kitchen, cooking techniques for vegan staples, and wellness tips, making it the perfect book for both long-time vegans and newcomers alike.

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Do you want to feel better? Try to eliminate GRAINS from your diet - for at least a few days and see if you feel better!!!


Manna on 09/09/2018 at 05:47.

Wonderful vegan cookbook I’ve only made a few recipes so far: Mom’s Apple Pancakes, Easy Citrus and Spice French Toast, Easy Cheezy Hash Browns, Turmeric Latte, and Romaine Spears with Hummus and Dates. But they’ve all been fantastic! The apple pancakes have been my favorite so far- easy, fluffy, delicious. Every other recipe looks great, and I can’t wait to make more (Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Oatmeal, I’m lookin’ at you.) And although I’ve been vegan for a while, I think this is a great and friendly book for…

Zen*Yogi*Girl on 09/09/2018 at 06:03.

More than 220 vegan recipies that are fun, creative, simple; and taste delicious; and within reach of all home cooks! Love it! This book is such a great choice for vegans, vegetarians, those thinking about adopting a plant based lifestyle or even those that just want to add the occasional vegan meal into their diet! It’s fun, loaded with over 220 recipes from the very simple to the more time consuming; but more than anything, it’s a good read! Unlike so many other books that advocate a plant based lifestyle, this is not at all preachy; just filled with tips and suggestions, written in such a carefree way, it’s almost…

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