Healthy Heart Miracle Diet: Lose Weight, Look Fabulous, and Live Longer–with Delicious, Filling Food!

By | February 23, 2019

In a time when both obesity and diabetes rise to new levels, Healthy Heart Miracle Diet cuts through the barrage of conflicting dietary rules issued from on-high and nails down how you can lose weight, boost your energy, and strengthen your heart.

Thirteen easy-to-read chapters help you easily adjust your diet by delivering the final word on fat, complex and simple carbs, protein, the best supplements for heart health, light exercise, and more. Throughout, more than 500 hints and tips clear up confusing nutritional claims, explode myths, and explain how eating right can be as easy as pie.

Tying everything up with a big heart-healthy, weight-conscious ribbon are 100-plus tempting recipes proving that eating right doesn’t mean starving yourself or giving up the foods you love like Lasagna with Spinach, Turkey Sausage, and Three Cheeses and treats like Chocolate-Walnut Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies.

True or False?

  • Fat is the number one evil in the diet.
  • Answer: False

  • Thin people who don’t exercise are twice as likely to suffer heart disease as overweight people who do.
  • Answer: True

  • Eating soybeans can lower cholesterol by as much as 10 percent
  • Answer: False-more recent studies show the number to be about three percent, and you would have to eat about 1.5 pounds a day to get there.

  • Laughter opens the arteries
  • Answer: True

  • Drinking coffee can increase your risk for heart disease
  • Answer: False-Coffee is relatively high in antioxidants and contains chlorogenic acids, which may lower blood sugar.

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