Healthy Sexuality

By | February 4, 2018

Healthy Sexuality is an introductory text that focuses on the positive, life-enhancing aspects of healthy sexuality. It is based on the fundamental information and concepts that have evolved from the body of research in human sexuality. This text points out how the healthy expression of our sexuality can improve our overall level of health and wellness. Healthy Sexuality features: Student Learning Objectives to introduce readers to the content of each chapter and personally connect them to the material Case Studies throughout each chapter are designed to illustrate how the material in the chapter connects to real individuals in everyday situations Critical Thinking Questions inserted next to each case study Personal Exploration Activities to encourage student participation in exploring their feelings and opinions on sexuality issues Healthy Sex Hints within each chapter which are practical, step-by-step suggestions for achieving optimal sexual health and well-being Sex in Society boxes throughout the text present unusual, interesting and sometimes controversial material that relates to the discussion Sex and Disability issues as they relate to healthy sexuality Wellness Syntheses integrated into key content areas throughout the chapter Marginal Definitions which identify and highlight key terms Personal Assessment activities at the end of each chapter Thought Questions and Test Yourself quiz offers readers and opportunity to assess their mastery of the course material References, illustrative tables and figures, diverse photographs and drawings

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