I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years: The Ancient Secret to Longevity, Vitality, and Life Transformation

By | May 4, 2019

New York Times bestselling author and one of the most renowned meditation teachers in our time, Ilchi Lee challenges you to radically rethink your ideas on aging, health, personal fulfillment, and what’s possible in your lifetime.

This highly anticipated book has been already loved by many big name authors including don Miguel Ruiz, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Michael Beckwith, and Dr. Emeran Mayer. This is the book of life mastery for the brave hearted.

For most of our lives, we work hard, reaching for success, until we are faced with retirement. If you retire at age 65, you may think you have about 20 more years to relax and enjoy your life. But what if you had more time? What if you had another 40 or 50 years to live? Would it make a difference in how you lived?

Ilchi Lee stresses that you can extend your life way beyond what most of us have accepted as our biological age limit, even up to 120 years. But the real question is, can we have not only a long life, but also a fulfilling one? Lee’s answer is a resounding yes, and it starts with the power of choice, a practice of self-reliance, and most importantly, a greater sense of purpose.

A visionary and master teacher who globalized ancient Korea’s mind-body tradition, Ilchi Lee lays out a clear path to a new paradigm of longevity and mastery of life. Through personal experience, compelling stories, the wisdom of an ancient Korean holistic practice, and current research on longevity and fulfillment, Lee shows readers how to live fully at any age without regrets.

The inspiration and practical advice you find in this book propels you to make the necessary changes in your life that would make a 120-year life full of vitality, passion, and purpose possible.

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The population is getting older! Do you want to be one of those living longer and in comfort? Take good care of yourself!


Anonymous on 05/04/2019 at 09:58.

Hopeful is Helpful As soon as I started reading this book, I started looking at the 2nd half of my life in a new way. I am not just thinking about getting old. Now I am thinking how I want to spend my later years doing things differently. I have started making a new plan which includes eating healthier and exercising more. I am going to try new things such as more outdoor activities like paddle boarding and kayaking. I am going to start acting like I will live to be 120 years old – not easy since it involves…

Anonymous on 05/04/2019 at 10:08.

There are so many books today that have good information, but this goes beyond that There are so many books today that have good information, but this goes beyond that. Ilchi Lee puts valuable, practical, life affirming messages on each and every page. The accumulation of so much good information makes this the kind of book that you can’t just read and forget about, you have to do something productive afterwards because the energy really moves you. Not to mention it’s an interesting subject that stirs a lot of debate among friends and family- how long do you want to live,…

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