Jawzrsize Jaw Exerciser And Neck Toning (20 lb. Resistance)

By | March 25, 2019

Jawzrsize is for anyone interested in health and fitness, who wants to create a more muscular, youthful appearance. It’s the hands-free workout that anyone can do. Jawzrsize is already helping people of all ages to tone, firm, and strengthen their appearance, by increasing blood flow to the face, neck and head. This one-of-a-kind piece of equipment is taking the internet by storm, with extraordinary results guaranteed with just 20 minutes of use a day. It’s not hard to see why many are calling Jawzrsize ‘The Fountain of Youth’. Customers have already reported a huge range of benefits: a younger, tighter face, increased metabolism, increased hair growth, stress relief, Increased levels of testosterone, and ending oral fixations to name just a few. Create the ultimate jawline, boost your metabolism and look younger in just a few short weeks, with Jawzrsize. Made in the USA from food grade silicone and polyurethane, Jawzrsize is your new secret weapon for reversing the aging process.

Product Features

  • Jawzsize was created to help workout the muscles in your face and neck.
  • 100% Proudly Made In the USA
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Hands free workout for your jaw, face, and neck
  • Jawzrsize is a US trademark owned by Jawzrsize LLC Maui, Hawaii. USA


Do you want to feel better?


Anonymous on 03/25/2019 at 23:56.

It definitely works. Don’t start with Green. It works, but the pressure hurt my teeth. I should have started with purple instead of green. Money well spent.UPDATE:I started using this 3 days ago and the bottom tooth mold is already worn down. Now it’s cutting into my gums.This is disappointing because of the guard lasts 3 days, I’d need 10 of them to get through one month of training. Which would actually be fine, but it seems that the molds aren’t sold separately.SECOND UPDATE:Okay so…

Anonymous on 03/26/2019 at 00:20.

Slimmer Face

Anonymous on 03/26/2019 at 00:35.

I like my smile too much and would not recommend it … So I was looking for something to tone up my jaw with and couldn’t wait for this to come. I used it the first night, 6 reps of 12 (made my teeth impressions previously and followed the instructions) the next morning, I had a awful soreness on my bottom teeth and they felt very sensitive. Made it thru the day and tried to stay away from cold things, did it again after work and when I pulled the Jawzrsize away from my mouth I noticed it took a large chip out of my bottom tooth. As if, I had…

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