Keys to the INNER Universe

By | May 23, 2019

Bill Pearl’s Keys to the INNER Universe is the most complete and comprehensive manual ever published on bodybuilding and weight training.

Keys to the INNER Universe covers every major weight training topic from nutrition to mapping out various training programs. There are over 1200 fully illustrated exercises with proper names and a “degree of difficulty” given for each exercise shown in this encyclopedia. You can choose from hundreds of different exercises for each muscle group and select those exercises that are best suited for your present physical needs.

Pearl reveals ALL THE SECRETS used that enabled him to win the Mr. Universe title four times and reign as “King of the Bodybuilders” for nineteen years.

This book is designed to help everyone, the young, the old, the weak, the strong, the coach, the gym instructor, a major league football team, or a YMCA weight room. Nobody, man or woman, has been ignored.

  • Covers every aspect of bodybuilding and weight training
  • A Must for Coaches, Trainers and Gym Instructors
  • Over 250,000 copies sold
  • Basic Nutritional Facts
  • Conduct Becoming a Champion
  • Covers Every Aspect of Bodybuilding and Weight Training
  • Exercises for Champion Physiques
  • Fully Illustrated Chapters on the Ten Basic Muscle Groups
  • Learning to Pose
  • Muscles and Energy
  • Nutrition and Virility
  • Pearl s Contest Career
  • Prolonging Your Productive Years
  • Proper Attitude
  • Women and Weight Training

This encyclopedia can add years of pleasure to your sport. It can give you an education into bodybuilding that has never before been available. It can add new dimensions to a possible better life style.

It’s all there for the reading!

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Anonymous on 05/23/2019 at 13:56.

Essential book for bodybuilders If you have an aspiration toward bodybuilding, this is an essential book.Who is a bodybuilder? Anyone who trains for aesthetic appearance (body composition) instead of a pure strength focus that an athlete might prioritize. In other words, most people. Will you get strong training as a bodybuilder? There is no question. The only difference being that muscle mass (how much or little you target) is prioritized at least as much as strength.I have a respectable library of…

Anonymous on 05/23/2019 at 13:59.

This is a really good book. I bought it in the 80’s when …

Anonymous on 05/23/2019 at 14:16.

Pearl writes a gem.

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