Living Longer and Doing It With Comfort!

By | October 28, 2014

Do you plan on living a long time? It sure isn’t something you can always be in control of, but it sure seems that some people are getting on until they are very old.

Why are people in some cultures living longer than most others?

1414536107_Old_bossDo they have secrets to leading a long, healthy life? Well, not exactly. They just seem like secrets because most of us aren’t employing them, even though most of us already know what they are. Healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, exercise, positive outlook, faith, family and companionship.

The population of the United States is getting older.

More people are making it past their 80’s and 90’s too. A lot of people even hit 100 years in age. Can you believe that?

With the advancements in the medical field as well as people being more health conscious people are living longer. Also the baby boomers are reaching their elder years. As people age they are finding that they need to make adjustments to their homes to be more comfortable as well as safer. Many people are finding it necessary to purchase medical equipment in an effort to remain in their home.

An active lifestyle is also important. Many of us are way too sedentary. It seems built into modern life. But there are some cultures, in Japan and Italy for example, where people are living rural lives and are on the go all day-fishing or milking cows, mending fences, chopping wood, trimming trees, roping animals, cooking everything from scratch. And they do these things throughout their lives. Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? But, with fresh air, family, friends, faith and good food, all of the activity equals living longer, and it appears more contentedly.

My father-in-law had a stroke a few years ago. After his hospital stay he was able to return home, however due to weakness on his left side he needed to be in a wheel chair during rehabilitation. He could stand to transfer from the bed to the chair and from the chair to the toilet, but that was in the hospital.

The greatest issue the family faced was getting him into the house.

They live in a rambler, so once he was in the house he did not have any steps to contend with.

My brother in law decided that he would make a wheel chair ramp over the steps in the entrance from the garage to the house. The garage is attached to the house. He thought that this would be a good place to put the ramp so that if it was raining, snowing or was cold outside my father-in-law would stay warm and dry. However he did not realize the amount of room that is needed for a wheel chair ramp.

Having purpose or goals is also helpful. In some cultures, elders are respected spiritual leaders. Assisted living communities and nursing homes are unheard of. People look forward to their old age and having a valued place among longtime friends in the communities they love. Wouldn’t it be nice if that were the case everywhere?

There are things we can all do personally to improve our chances of living longer. Diet and exercise are under our control. So is finding purpose in our lives. So is prayer. Other things take working together with others to get what we want, to build community and lifelong friends, to share worries as well as resources. The time to start living a long, healthy life is right now.

When he started his construction project he thought that he could secure plywood over the steps and be done. My father in-law is a big man so the wheel chair ramp needed to be sturdy and safe. The part of the construction that most people fail to consider is that the pitch cannot be too steep.

To be safe the wheel chair ramp cannot be at too great of an incline because it is too hard to push someone up, and to control wheeling them down. By the time my brother in law completed the wheel chair ramp at a safe incline, he had taken up one side of the two stall garage.

As far as diet goes, the best things for all of us who want to live longer are fresh vegetables, whole grains, and fresh fruits. Beans are good for you too, and nuts are great in moderation. Also, just about any foods containing omega-3 fatty acids are good for you.

Did you know that eggs from free range chickens contain omega-3 fatty acids? So do many cold water fish and pecorino cheese. Red wine in moderation is also touted by some octogenarians as a key to living longer.

Another thing about eating is that portion size is very important. The smaller the portions, the better, even if it means eating a couple more meals in a day.

It’s easier on the body than filling up in one or two big meals a day. And smoking is rarely a part of the lifestyle where a greater than average number of people are living longer than most.

A great alternative to building an elaborate wheel chair ramp is to purchase a portable ramp. The portable ramps telescope out in three sections. They can hold five hundred pounds and yet they fold down into a flat carrying case that can be taken along in a vehicle.

The portable wheel chair ramps weight about seventy pounds and can be put down and folded up in a matter of minutes. By using the portable model the person in the wheelchair can access most one level homes.

Stay healthy and live longer! It can be done!

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