Loving Healthy Living: 30 Life-Changing Stories That Will Inspire You to Live a More Health-Filled You!

By | May 2, 2018

Authors Joyce Hack and Linda McLeod are on a mission to help people just like you live more vibrant lives. This book of 30 life-changing stories, plus some yummy recipes, will inspire you to make better dietary choices so you can live a more health-filled you!

The uplifting stories in Loving Healthy Living come from people who have struggled with everything from auto-immune diseases, uncontrollable weight gain, and celiac conditions, just to name a few. They have made life-changing decisions to help their bodies function optimally, leading to arresting and reversing their health issues. These men and women now live with the vitality and energy they have long desired and dreamed of their whole lives.

It’s time to fight the war against the largely culturally promoted and oftentimes self-chosen diseases that plague society. After all, for most people, health is not so much a matter of chance, but one of choice!

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