Men’s Health Power Training: Build Bigger, Stronger Muscles with through Performance-based Conditioning

By | September 10, 2019

One of the nation’s elite strength and conditioning coaches presents a unique training program designed to help men achieve functional strength and muscular balance throughout their bodies

For decades, the conventional measure of an individual’s strength was the amount of weight he could bench press. Now, that measure is being challenged by expert trainers like Robert dos Remedios who argue that the variety of movement patterns used in functional training is the real key to getting bigger, stronger, and more powerful. In Men’s Health Power Training, this acclaimed collegiate strength and conditioning coach describes in detail the methods he has used to develop hundreds of Division I scholarship athletes, including several current NFL players.

The key features that make this book a standout in the fitness field include:

• exercises geared toward functional strength that can be utilized in real-world situations, from playing sports to lifting furniture
• training sessions that are short, intense, and highly effective
• compound, multijoint exercises that replace the less-effective isolation exercises found in many fitness books
• no-nonsense dietary information utilizing a new and innovative food pyramid developed by the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition that will optimize strength gains, recovery, and physical progress

Product Features

  • Rodale Press

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Anonymous on 09/10/2019 at 08:00.

Reach Your Goals In No Time!! I am a guy who generally goes in and out of shape at times. I get in these droughts of going to the gym and then I’m back again lifting weights and doing cardio. This book brings me back in shape every time. I used the workouts in this book in 2008 while on a deployment in Iraq. I had a great diet but wasn’t really seeing much progress from my previous workouts. The minute I read this and started doing the workouts I was instantly hooked. By the end of my deployment I was in the best shape of…

Anonymous on 09/10/2019 at 08:04.

This Is the Weight Training Book I Wish I had Bought a Couple of Years Ago I am a bodybuilder and a personal trainer. After reading Power Training, I can honestly say I have finally found the bible of physical fitness. There are numerous scientific studies (and not just “bro science”) that suggest compound, freeweight / bodyweight exercises are far superior and a heck more beneficial than your typical “beach muscle” isolation routine – i.e. dumbell curls, side laterals, etc… There are lots of evidence that clearly prove squats and deadlifts are “kings” of exercise…

Anonymous on 09/10/2019 at 08:14.

Power Training is a great book, which has a lot of great functional information and advice about how to weight train with compound movements rather than the isolation movements common to bodybuilding. I bought Coach Dos’s book about Cardio Strength Training and realized that the book I really needed and wanted was this book. I am very happy with my purchase. The workouts are as tough as described in the book, but they do save you a lot of time. Power Training also has many pictures…

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