Naturally Slim and Healthy Mama Diet: Easy and Tasteful Pregnancy Diet for Women Weight Loss (2 Books in 1:Naturally Slim and Healthy Mama Diet Plan & Naturally Slim and Healthy Mama Diet Cookbook)

By | November 1, 2019

Are you pregnant and looking for good health, delicious food and healthy diet?

The struggle for all the mothers balancing between the delicious food and a healthy lifestyle is real.

Every stage of motherhood requires special dietary approaches….

Naturally Slim and Healthy Mama Diet has much to offer to all the moms and pre-mothers out there.

Read below to discover more.

Serene Barrett, the author of this book, due to her deepest concerns for prenatal mothers and their

child, has nicely put together her years of extensive research regarding the NSHM diet and its

positive effects on the body.

Whether it’s maintaining weight or losing some extra pounds, keeping yourself active or to

accelerate your metabolism, the diet has a multidimensional approach to good health.

In this book, Serene has summed up all the basic details, simple facts regarding the

Naturally Slim and Healthy Mama Diet Plan along with its great

Naturally Slim and Healthy Mama Diet Cookbook recipes for everyday use.

The NSHM Diet does not only provide active nutrition to pregnant mothers but also good health for

the prenatal babies. Actively embraced by plenty of moms around the world, the diet offers more

health-related solutions to everyone and this guidebook offers you a wholesome package of

everything you need to know about the diet and its outcomes.

Highlights of this book:

Origins of Naturally Slim and Healthy Mama Diet Plan

The Straight Honest Path to Success

What are the primary Dueling Sources?

Energizing and Satisfying Your Fuels

Building Power-Ups Diet

Daily Meal Chart of Power-Ups

Snacking on the Naturally Slim and Healthy Mama Diet Plan

What About Dessert?

Drinks and Beverages

Meals and Tips for Everyone

What is Naturally Slim and Healthy Mama Diet Plan?

Naturally Slim and Healthy Mama Diet Recipes:

•  Breakfast Recipes

•  Poultry Recipes

•  Meat Recipes

•  Seafood Recipes

•. Vegetarian Recipes

•  Appetizers Recipes

•  Dessert Recipes

And so much more….

Nurture yourself and the ones you love with an organic and nourishing diet full of essential nutrients.

Discover the pathway to your Naturally Slim and Healthy Mama Diet with its easy to follow

tips, simple to understand ideas, and range of flavorsome healthy recipes for all pregnant ladies. 

Every section of this book elaborately discusses a particular aspect of the diet so that you

won’t miss out on anything.

Don’t wait long and GET YOUR COPY NOW!!

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