NO Longer at This Address Self Inking Rubber Stamp – Red Ink (ExcelMark A1539)

By | August 25, 2019

Stay organized and ensure efficient communication with the use of this NO LONGER AT THIS ADDRESS self-inking rubber stamp from ExcelMark. The self-inking design automatically re-inks itself into a rotating, self-contained ink pad before each impression, making it ideal for rapid, repetitive stamping. In addition, the two-sided ink pad gives you double the life. When the impression starts to fade, simply slide the pad out, flip it over, reinsert and keep stamping!

Product Features

  • Two-sided ink pad gives you double the impressions
  • Attractive, clear mount allows you to accurately line up your stamp
  • Ink pads are replaceable and re-inkable with ExcelMark self-inking ink
  • Prints in red ink
  • Impression area: 9/16″ x 1-1/2″, Stamp impression: NO LONGER AT THIS ADDRESS

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Live better! Grain Belly


Anonymous on 08/25/2019 at 10:17.

THE POWER OF THE STAMP THAT SAYS “RETURN TO SENDER” & “NO LONGER AT THIS ADDRESS” IS REAL. I was so tired of writing this out. I don’t know why the post office hasn’t figured this out yet.I bought a return to sender stamp first. HOWEVER, the post office would still bring back mail I marked return to sender.After a month of this… I bought this stamp.THE POWER OF THE STAMP THAT SAYS “RETURN TO SENDER” & “NO LONGER AT THIS ADDRESS” IS REAL. I stamp each letter about 5 times and they do not return.Magical. Saves me…

Anonymous on 08/25/2019 at 10:24.

BLESS THIS PRODUCT We’ve lived here a year (renters) and are still getting mail with 10 different people’s names on it. Getting the mail is my husband’s chore but he doesn’t sort it (choosing my battles ya’ll). I work full time and commute and nothing drives me crazier than coming home and going thru a pile of mail on the counter that isn’t even ours. I ordered this stamp to leave in the mail box and instructed my husband to stamp all the mail that isn’t ours while he’s still at the box. I’m happy to announce…

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