PharMeDoc Ab Roller – The Ultimate Wheel – with Reinforced Steel Handle – exercise Fitness Equipment – Home Gym – for Training and Burning Belly Fat Fast

By | December 31, 2016

Reinforced Metal Ax Handle
• Ergonomically designed for both long term and short term exercise without uncomfortable strain on hands and fingers allowing for a longer workout and more immediate results
• Engineered with optimum safety in mind to withstand weight and pressure from exercising without bending or snapping guaranteed
• Grooved Design provides comfortable support for a variety of exercises including but not limited to:
◦ Rollouts ◦ Planks ◦ Standing Rollouts ◦ Stretches ◦ Pelvic Control ◦ Decline Rollouts ◦ Leg Roll-Ins (Piques)

Gripped Rubber Roller Wheels
• Ensure the perfect amount of resistance to get the most out of each muscle and every repetition
• Durable rubber material prevents unwanted slipping, skidding, or shifting for ultimate confidence and safety while exercising
• Flawless adherence to the targeted range of motion guarantees the exact workout desired for quicker observable results

Revolutionary Design
• Lightweight build allows storage and use with ease and convenience
• Works to align the spine and balance the core while strengthening muscle tension and density
• Sturdy build enhances core stability for extra toning and definition
• Bolsters coordination from multiple muscle systems simultaneously for a more thorough workout

Healthy and Comfortable exercising
• Lose fat rapidly and with ease without unnecessary or unhealthy strain or tension to prevent injuries and sprains
• Gain eye-catching muscle definition at an accelerated rate
• Promotes a faster metabolism and lower back / hip flexor strength with increased and regular use
• Far more superior and efficient than crunches and other typical core workout equipment for abs

Product Features

  • MUSCLE DENSITY – Build Sculpted & Defined Abdominals, Obliques, Arms, Shoulders, Core & Back Fast!
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLES – Newly Designed Ab Wheel Features Rubber Handles Uniquely Designed for Pain Free Exercise
  • BURN FAT QUICK- Our Innovatively Engineered Design Provides the Fastest Weight Loss Program Available Right from Your Home
  • PORTABLE – Perfect for Exercising at Home or as a Travel Workout with a Lightweight & Compact Build
  • DURABLE – Industrial Strength Steel Core & Hard Plastic are Built to Withstand any Type of Exercise, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, if Not We Will Send You a BRAND NEW Pharmedoc Ab Wheel


The population is getting older! Do you want to be one of those living longer and in comfort? Take good care of yourself!


Manny on 12/31/2016 at 04:00.

satisfied, i’ve got this for several months I am searching for great fitness equipment and this can be the right one. This is very easy to put together out of box relying on the assembly instruction. This product seems to be sturdy, and it looks cool. The handles with grooves cut obviously helps me to grasp it.The wheel can resist fairly while rolling out. I am very impressed with this function. I just enjoy the time of doing exercise as the wheel is wide enough, the roll path is very stable and coherent.My stomach muscles…

T. Knutson on 12/31/2016 at 04:04.

Works great!

Ralph Maley on 12/31/2016 at 04:08.

Once you figure out how to balance on it and a little work it is a good workout. There is a few exercises that you … This will most certainly test you upper body. You have to tighten your core muscle to hold yourself up on this and if you have weak wrists this will be a challenge for you. I will say that it does work your shoulders and arms plus your core muscles. Once you figure out how to balance on it and a little work it is a good workout. There is a few exercises that you can do with this piece of equipment it just depends on how daring and strong and have good balance. In time you will get these all but…

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