Running Doc’s Guide to Healthy Running: How to Fix Injuries, Stay Active, and Run Pain-Free

By | March 31, 2019

Running Doc’s comprehensive book on running injuries can help you solve your aches and pains for years of healthy running.

For a runner, injury is a terrible fate. Yet every year, nearly half of America’s runners suffer an injury severe enough to bring them to a halt. Trust the Running Doc €ž ¢ to get you back on your feet. Dr. Lewis G. Maharam, MD, is the most trusted authority on running health and running injuries, and his guide will help you avoid or fix nearly every common running-related injury. If you’re already injured, Running Doc’s book will help you diagnose, treat, and recover to run pain-free.

From head to toenails, Running Doc’s Guide to Healthy Running is the most comprehensive guide to running injuries and preventative care. Running Doc offers simple, effective treatments for every common running injury and also delivers easy-to-follow advice on the best way to prepare for and enjoy running events of all types and distances.

Running Doc’s Guide to Healthy Running addresses:

  • How running is good for your health
  • Healthy training programs for races and running events
  • Choosing running shoes for your gait and feet
  • Guidelines for running in cold weather, hot weather, and dry climates
  • Safe and healthy marathon and half-marathon training
  • Running with a cold, the flu, and aches and pains
  • Feet and ankle injuries including plantar fasciitis, Lisfranc, sprains
  • Legs and knee injuries including Runner’s Knee, IT Band Syndrome, tendinitis
  • Back pain from sciatica, piriformis syndrome, and related issues

No matter your malady, Running Doc has got you covered. Get healthy and get back on your feet with Running Doc’s Guide to Healthy Running.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Anonymous on 03/31/2019 at 18:18.

great tips, love the anatomical pictures I would definitely recommend this to any runner who has ever had an injury or strain or ache or pain. very well laid out, excellent guide for walkers, joggers, runners at any level. I especially like the no-nonsense attitude to health, healing and staying injury free. I used the dr’s recommendations for dealing with piriformis pain in the butt for the past month or so, and I just completed the San Francisco rock n roll half marathon (damn hills!!!) – now I’m slow – last two years was averaging…

Anonymous on 03/31/2019 at 18:23.

A sound investment.Very comprehensive and informative I read this book cover to cover in a day and a half. I was informative and very interesting. If you are a runner or merely aspire to be one someday, you need this book. It breaks down all the issues that runners face. From training smarter, to post racing walk-out, to when and if runners should donate blood to a blood bank, and everything in between. I also loved all the strengthening and stretching exercises illustrated in the book. I’ve wondered about how to correctly stretch a tight IT band…

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