Super Immunity: The Essential Nutrition Guide for Boosting Your Body’s Defenses to Live Longer, Stronger, and Disease Free

By | November 27, 2014

In Super Immunity, world-renowned health expert and New York Times bestselling author of Eat to Live Dr. Joel Fuhrman offers a nutritional guide to help you live longer, stronger, and disease free.

Dr. Fuhrman doesn’t believe the secret to staying healthy lies in medical care—rather, the solution is to change the way we eat. With more than 85 plant-based recipes, a two-week menu plan, and lists of super foods that boost immunity, Dr. Fuhrman’s proven strategies combine the latest data from clinical tests, nutritional research, and results from thousands of patients .

Fans of Alejandro Junger’s Clean, Mark Hyman’s Ultraprevention, and T. Colin Campbell’s The China Study will appreciate Dr. Fuhrman’s practical plan to prevent and reverse disease—no shots, drugs or sick days required.

Product Features

  • New York Times bestseller
  • Learn The Science of Staying Healthy!
  • Supercharge your immune system to protect your body from disease
  • Over eighty-five super delicious recipes
  • Easy to understand for non-medical readers

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Do you want to feel better? Eat less Grains


Mizpah Matus "Raw Food Author, Nutritionist, ... on 11/27/2014 at 16:07.

Boost Your Immunity with a Healthy Diet As part of my work as a freelance writer I am often reviewing diet books and spend a fair amount of my time keeping up with the latest diet trends and reading the publications that are hot off the press. But after reading many versions of the same types of calorie-controlled diets, reformulated with a supposedly `new’ twist, I find I am often left feeling less than inspired.However, every now and then I am pleasantly surprised with a diet program that, not only holds my personal…

fredmango "Author of Raw Secrets" on 11/27/2014 at 16:38.

Medically Proven Way to Boost Your Immunity You may have read Dr. Fuhrman’s other book “Eat to Live” and wonder what’s new in store with Super Immunity, or is it just a rehash of the same information.While you will not find radically different information in Super Immunity — it’s the same good Fuhrman diet philosophy — this book covers critical information about your health that I’ve personally never seen before in such an easy-to-digest format.It would be easy to summarize the book by saying “Eat your…

Six on 11/27/2014 at 17:01.

As I sit here at my desk thoroughly chewing my broccoli… What an exciting premise! Nutrition and exercise not only can stave off deadly diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, but irritants such as colds and flu.The scientific explanations for this were clear and persuasive – and consistent with real life. I liked the refutation of America’s obsession with medicines and medical treatments for everything – while medicine has its place, pharmaceuticals come with frightening risks, and lifestyle changes are definitely preferable…

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