Superfood Nutrition Delivers Essential Nutrients

By | November 15, 2015

The average human being is made up of 37 million cells and inside of everyone of those cells are smaller cells called mitochondria. There are 100 to 1000 mitochondrian inside each and every every one of those 37 million cells, which is a lot of cells, in fact close to 35,000,000,000 – yes 35 billion!

Every one of those cells require essential nutrients for every day existence. In fact there are 43 essential nutrients these little cells require. When they get them through superfood nutrition good things occur. All those essential nutrients need to be supplied at the same time, not one at a time. 30% of these essential nutrients feed the brain and 70% of the essential nutrition feeds the body and fuels the body. When this happens the nutrients are distributed throughout the entire cellular system to generate energy and provide for cellular generation, healing, living, growing and feeling good.

It’s hard to receive the 43 essential nutrients required to live a healthy life and have a healthy body just by eating healthy foods. You would have to eat a lot and your kitchen would have to be filled up with huge amount of stock. However, with Yevo Superfood Nutrition products this is made simple.

Much of what we eat today is void of essential nutrients so pamper yourself and try some. You will feel the difference and chances are you will live a much longer, healthier life with Superfood Nutrition. So will your children…

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