Superfoods: The 101 Best Foods to Live Longer and Feel Younger

By | November 15, 2014


“Are there ‘really’ super foods and can we actually ‘feel younger’ when we eat them? Yes and YES!! I’ve been a leading expert in the nutrition and fitness industries since 1986 and I can tell you that this book is on to it. Use this info for just a few short days and you will begin to experience an energy and vitality you remember from years ago. Keep eating these foods and experience what it feels like to anti-age!!” – Donna Krech, Founder,


From Almonds to Yogurt and Quinoa in between, here are 101 of the very best foods you can eat in order to live longer and look younger.

Discover these incredible superfoods:

* The common spice, available in any grocery store, that has antibacterial and antiviral properties and has more antioxidants than any other herb!

* The zero-calorie beverage that actually increases your metabolism and appears to fight against both cancer and aging.

* The gluten-free alternative to wheat that is loaded with protein, amino acids, and antioxidants.

* The “fun” fruit that has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the body and can lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

And 97 more!

You’ll likely meet some new friends on this list along with foods that may already be a part of your diet. But they all share at least one thing in common: superfoods are foods that can have a profound impact on your health, vitality, well-being and even your longevity.

This book isn’t intended to be a lengthy and dry reference book. Many of these foods are such SUPER foods that an entire book could be written about each one. Rather, the purpose is to provide a “pocket guide” that will familiarize you with the qualities of these superfoods as an encouragement to adding them to your daily meals.

Includes a shopping list that conveniently organizes the superfoods as you would find them while shopping.

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Try to eliminate GRAINS from your diet - for at least a few days and see if you feel better!!!


HonestReviewer "Tell it like it is" on 11/15/2014 at 19:38.

A very practical book, full of wisdom. This is one of the best books that I have read on the topic of superfoods, and one of the best I have read on healthy eating in general! What I really like about it is it’s usefulness. At the end of the book is a very convenient list of important foods to buy at your local grocery store. This REALLY simplifies things for me. Instead of having to find out for myself how to make use of the new information I have learned, the work is done for me. It might not seem like much at first look, but it…

J.C. Wilson on 11/15/2014 at 19:59.

Now THIS is the way to write a healthy food book!!! We love the format of because after a detailed introduction, every single good, healthy food here is listed and explained in depth. The foods are organized alphabetically for easy reference. At each food item, the reasoning and science behind the health of that food is described, in detail enough to explain the “reason why” to you but not so much scientific and…

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