Sweeten Your Day the Healthy Way

By | June 28, 2019

Noms and namaste, y’all! Spoken like a true Texan. And a truly passionate entrepreneur. Allison Catalani launched the first vegan dessert food truck in Texas in 2013, Vegan Noms. The li’l truck roamed the streets of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex for two years before transitioning into a wholesale bakery. At the height of the business operations, over twenty grocery stores, coffee shops, and juice bars in the state carried Vegan Noms products. From cookie-dough tubs to baked brownie bites, Vegan Noms encouraged customers to “sweeten your day the healthy way.” Allison decided to “sweeten her day the healthy way” after completing a two-hundred-hour yoga teacher training program in 2011. She gained knowledge about the ancient yogi’s vegan-vegetarian diet, and how the body’s energy level positively responds to such healthy food choices. She gave vegan a try and soon discovered the most difficult thing to let go of was her beloved cookies, brownies, and cheesecakes. No way was Allison going to stop eating desserts. At the time, the only vegan dessert she could find was a nasty vegan chocolate-chip cookies from a healthy grocery store in the Dallas area. She spit it out upon taking the first bite and decided she could do better. And so she did. And here are the recipes! Allison is pleased to share the recipes from Vegan Noms. She hopes everyone can enjoy dessert without feeling the guilt or sacrificing flavor. For vegans and non-vegans, have fun baking and enjoy spreading the love! Namaste!

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