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Creating a Healthy Life Volume 2 (Health and Happiness)

By | July 23, 2018

As the Father of Modern Wellness and the worldwide Inclusive Health® movement, Dr. Howard Murad has helped millions of people lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. In this second volume of Creating a Healthy Life, Dr. Murad shares more of his deeply personal insights to reveal how to look better, live better, and feel better. […]

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Mayo Clinic on Healthy Aging – How to Find Happiness and Vitality for a Lifetime

By | October 22, 2017

Mayo Clinic on Healthy Aging Click Here For Reviews

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Wellness for Super-Seniors: How to Support Your Parents Health & Happiness & Help Them Live Longer, Better

By | December 26, 2016

WELLNESS FOR SUPER-SENIORS sets out the essential tools for the revitalization of our oldest population groups: to help them live those extra twenty to thirty years with a sense of happiness and healthy functioning. This book is meant to be read by, and is intended for, super-seniors themselves. The author, at 80, is a super-senior. […]

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The Little Pocket Book of Happiness: How to Love Life, Laugh More and Live Longer

By | August 14, 2015

Swap worry and anxiety for joy and contentment and choose to live in a happier way. Happiness is like the answer to a riddle. The more we want it and the more we seek it, the more elusive it becomes. And yet, when we are least conscious of looking for it, it can envelop us […]

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Be Imperfect, Live Longer: Health and Happiness Series (Book 4)

By | June 1, 2015

Don’t you want to change your life? Everyone does, and our Wisdom Waters Health and Happiness series offers a perfect opportunity to make real, positive change happen. Each numbered volume features a transformative chat with Howard Murad, MD, founder of the worldwide Inclusive Health® movement. Dr. Murad’s inspirational stories, insights, and sound medical advice aim […]

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No Happiness When Feeling Tired

By | November 16, 2014

Many people have the same problem that I have. I am tired all the time, and I know it is because I am not sleeping well. Many don’t sleep well and there are many reasons why this happens. I know why it is happening to me, but for the most part, some folks don’t even […]

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