The 5:2 Diet: The Simple Way to Burn Fat & Stay Lean for Life—Includes 50 Low-Calorie and High Protein Recipes!

By | September 5, 2018

Finally a Simple Approach to Burning Fat & Building Muscle That Actually Works!

If you want to burn fat, build muscle, feel great, and do it all without having to live in the gym, then this book is for you.

Here’s the deal:

Dieting used to be hard and confusing.

• Low carb diets leave you feeling miserable.

• You don’t want to give up your favorite foods to lose weight.

• You don’t want to eat small meals constantly to “boost your metabolism.”

• You’re tired of gaining all of the weight back.

Fortunately the 5:2 diet gives you the ultimate nutritional approach to getting and staying lean for good.

• Eat your favorite foods and still burn fat like clockwork.

• Eat large meals that satisfy you like a king.

• Increase HGH and other important fat burning hormones to make the process a breeze.

Here are a few of the things you’ll discover in this book:

• What is actually needed for your body to lose weight.

• How many calories you need to eat to start losing weight.

• Everything you need to know about the 5:2 diet to get started with it today.

• Learn what else fasting can be used for besides getting in shape.

• How to implement the 5:2 diet with exercise.

• An effective workout plan you can use with the 5:2 diet to maximize results.

• And a whole bunch more!

Imagine 12 weeks from now…burning off more fat than you ever have, and easier than you ever have. Imagine having more energy and looking better than ever before—without going through all of the strain and stress of a typical diet.

By doing the 5:2 diet, you can build the body of your dreams without having your life revolve around fitness.

Scroll up, click the buy now button, and start your path to the best looking body you’ve ever had!

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Do you want to feel better? Try to eliminate GRAINS from your diet - for at least a few days and see if you feel better!!!


MamaMaisy on 09/05/2018 at 12:51.

If you are considering the 5:2 diet, this book is worth checking out! The 5:2 diet is a branch of intermittent fasting. This is a book that goes into greater detail about what is involved when you commit to this form of eating. The 5:2 diet states that it isn’t necessarily what you eat that makes the difference for weight loss; but of course, the level of nutrition that you eat will have a lot of effect for you as well. The book gives a basic overview of the definition and history of the 5:2 diet, and also some of the benefits. There is also an explanation of…

Kindle Customer on 09/05/2018 at 13:19.

Another great book from Thomas Rohmer

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