The Female Pelvis Anatomy & Exercises

By | April 27, 2019

The book begins with a description of the functional anatomy of the pelvis, & how it responds to pregnancy & childbirth. This is followed by a series of specific exercises, initially for self-discovery, & then to increase the flexibility, strength, & coordination of the pelvic functions

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Anonymous on 04/27/2019 at 18:47.

Help for normal childbirth This book is most useful for providers who care for pregnant women, and for pregnant women who want to improve their obstetric outcomes.The content is not known by the vast majority of US midwives or OB providers, so a pregnant woman who is interested in this subject will have to do some hard study!The pelvic bones are fused, but there is some flexibility at the ligaments that join the bones, and that flexibility increases in pregnancy. By moving into certain positions, the…

Anonymous on 04/27/2019 at 19:00.

This is a good basic anatomy book for the female pelvis This book is my handbook on pelvic floor information and exercises that help you become aware of all the complex muscles. The first one I have read that tries to clear the fog and does not lump all muscle action into a “kegel.” It clearly distinguishes surface muscle movements from deeper muscle movements, as well as separating pelvic floor muscle control from abs and glutes. The concept is getting you to visualize the areas first in order to get a picture in your mind before trying to…

Anonymous on 04/27/2019 at 19:03.

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