The Hardgainer’s Body Building Handbook: Workouts, Nutrition, and Results

By | December 6, 2018

Pack on muscle mass quickly and get bigger and stronger now-—an essential guide for the everyday weight trainer.

Are you tired of working out with nothing to show for it? Are you pumping iron but not getting big? Then you are a hardgainer, someone who needs a special plan for building a superbly muscled, strong, lean, and healthy physique.

Now you can get big faster than you ever imagined with the secret techniques revealed in The Hardgainers’ Bodybuilding Handbook.

The Hardgainers’ Bodybuilding Handbook will reveal:

* The 10 laws of ultimate muscle growth.
* The best exercises for building muscle mass.
* Essential equipment for your home gym.
* How to use nutrition to build muscle without increasing body fat.
* The scoop on supplements, the truth about aerobics, and much more.

Containing detailed beginner, intermediate, and advanced workout routines; packed with information on diet, cooking, and nutrition; filled with training schedules, exercise plans and nutrition logs; The Hardgainers’ Bodybuilding Handbook is a must for anyone who is serious about bulking up.

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Anonymous on 12/06/2018 at 19:15.

Mostly sucks .. with some plusses Pros:-Exercises are well described and illustrated with caveats to avoid and variations.-A well organized plan for exercising.Cons:-Lots of editing mistakes-Using almost the same exercises over and over seems boring and counter productive-The book recommends you to limit your exercies to one hour yet the workout routines at a minimum contains 14 exercises of 2 sets each even for the beginner. With one minute rest between each exercise and one minute for…

Anonymous on 12/06/2018 at 19:35.

Decietful If you’re a hardgainer looking to find a great lifting routine that develops over time, then this is a good start. His nutritional advice is completely off however, advising guys to consume mass quantities of fruit/natural sugars that will only contribute to horrific fat gains. I learned the hard way after months of consuming far too many calories. This is a constant problem with authors writing for “hardgainers” and prescribing rediculous quantities of food for muscle gains. Everyone’s…

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